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  1. Their prices currently are very competitive, especially for their year-old stuff.
  2. Plano, and I really don't play any one course more than the rest!
  3. Thanks, I'm definitely a fan of PXG.
  4. Have the changes been a huge change, or subtle? And are the launch, spin, and ball-speed changes the results of stronger lofts, because all of those can be achieved with stronger lofts...feel and sound not so much! That said, I have my eyes set on a set of Gen 3's...I love the old T-zoid look!
  5. Order the Gen 4's at a fraction of the price. Gen 5 doesn't look to be vastly different...and to be honest, not sure there's a vast difference between Gen 1 for that matter! They are all beautiful irons!
  6. Howdy fellers, new here...I'm a bit surprised Texas didn't have its own thread!
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