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  1. Right. Though it seems that when you want some useless facts you make them up yourself. Sorry if I offended your ego.
  2. The Golf Warehouse is the seller. TGW.COM TGW is not exactly a small company. It is one of the larger golf e-tailers and golf catalog shops. It is owned by the REDCATS Group, which is a PPR Company. PPR owns Gucci and Puma as well to name two of their companies. Puma, as you may know, just bought Cobra Golf from Acushnet. www.redcats.com www.ppr.com
  3. Regardless of what happens, this has been a fun post. It is 3:26 CST and there are still 180 users reading this topic. That's good for MGS and it has probably has sent some people to TGW, myself included. And I guarantee that if they do ship these things I'll more than make up for it with future purchases. Yes, my golf equipment and clothing retail loyalty is for sale. Thanks.
  4. Very true. I learned that from Tiger Woods.
  5. This 'Shipping Soon' thing feels like the anticipation one would have as a contestant on Apprentice waiting to see if they are fired. If shipping confirmations go out and they show 10+ lbs and not 2 I would guess we are in the money.
  6. I got the first email at 9:41 CST, the second at 9:44, and my order confirmation at 9:47...I think it was only up for around 15 or 20 minutes altogether after the emails.
  7. Well, TGW ships same-day for orders placed before noon so we should know either way very soon whether this is a deal or not.
  8. So you are saying I should I call them and ask them to cancel my order because it isn't equitable? Sometimes they give away free clubs (sweepstakes) just for giving them your email address. $112 is a lot more valuable than my email address...but I agree that this is probably not a fair deal. Will not be surprised if it is cancelled...but it is fun to think about a new set of R9 TPs for $112!
  9. It is obvious now it wasn't intended to be the deal of the century and it has been changed. See the pdf I uploaded earlier in the post. Earlier today TGW.com offered sets of R9 TP irons 3-PW with KBS S Shafts for $112 through Amazon. Many of us made purchases in good faith but now there is a question of whether the deal will be fulfilled due to speculation and that they have changed their price to $899. I believe they will cancel the order prior to charging anyone's card and offer nothing in return, likely after consulting with their attorneys regarding the matter. My forecast... "Oops" -TGW
  10. Was that excerpted from Amazon's listing or the TGW.com website? Amazon specifically limits their pricing error disclaimer to orders fulfilled by Amazon. One cannot be expected to venture to TGW.com to read their disclaimer that ONLY applies to TGW.com prior to purchasing on Amazon.
  11. Appears to be no chance of this deal. Here is an example of a feedback left regarding a pricing error. Although I do recall something in the Uniform Commercial Code regarding pricing errors. I wonder what the legal ramification of this is? I mean that the terms are clear and by submitting payment, albeit a credit card that remains uncharged until the order is processed, would that not qualify as offer, acceptance, and consideration? Any attorneys out there? " 1 out of 5: "Seller advertised a set of golf clubs at a $537 discount. Then they tried to send me 1 club instead of a set. This is false advertising. Similar ads continue to run after my complaint." Date: June 16, 2010 Rated by Buyer: William J. Seller Response: "There was an obvious error on Amazon's website (there was no mention of a $537.00 discount). The customer was informed of the error and the order was refunded immediately. We are still in the process of rectifying this problem with Amazon. Thank you." Date: June 16, 2010"
  12. PDF of the offer. TGW was the seller! Hopefully they will honor the price! doc20100726103413.pdf
  13. Nope. The orange ball on the end really aids in feeling lag. A rag wouldn't accomplish that.
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