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  1. I use them on my irons and love them-I use their XS which is about the size of a Lamkin jumbo I find my draw does not turn into a hook quite so easily and they last very well I do not use them on wedges or woods where I use my wrists more
  2. I use Zero Friction gloves and play at least 20 rounds a month in Miami weather- they easily last 3 months or more and can be washed
  3. Whatever I find-prefer wood Always plenty around when you walk like I do
  4. I have the PtX Pro irons - they are as good as anything out there and better looking too
  5. Orange whip- training aid and warm up tool Don't leave home without it Cheap - do the Gary PLayer handkerchief/ towel drill
  6. Liviing next to a golf couse and finding just about everything from Canadian range balls to Wilson Blue Ridge- I must say I have never seen an On Core ball in person
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