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  1. I think it's very explainable scientifically by massive differences in spin rate and launch angle. Soft shaft spins ball WAY too much and launches ball WAY too high for this swing speed. Wrote this before reading joedeausen's posts. Totally in agreement.
  2. I have an 8 degree difference between my PW, 42 degrees, GW 50 degrees and SW 56. Oddly no probably gapping as I hit my PW 105 yds, GP 85 yds, SW 70 yds. Approx. 80 mph driver speed.
  3. I found a Black Level ball today. Says only Black Level with a "B" on side in a typhoon type swirl. No other writing. Haven't hit it yet, I play TP5 Pix and this ball is much harder in the bite test. Someone MUST know about this line of balls. Please advise or I won't be able to sleep. THX.
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