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  1. I average a couple per round lately. When I started playing regularly again, last year, it wasn't unusual to lose 3-5 per round. I would often come out ahead finding more than I lost. Palmettos have a tendency to eat a lot of balls around here.
  2. Hello everyone. I've played golf for 27 years, off and on. I am getting back into playing regularly after a few years of only playing a couple of rounds a year. My current handicap is 24.4 but I'm hoping to bring that down a lot this year. I grew up in Stone Mountain, but I'm now living in Vero Beach. My "home course" is Sandridge, but I'm trying to play as many of the area courses as I can. I think that is one great thing about south Florida. There is no lack of public courses to choose from. I am an academic librarian. Working in higher education is a very rewarding career. My profile name came from an old, web comic series. I created it many years ago for another online forum.
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