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    101-110 mph
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  1. Hey guys, fellow Washingtonian here! Bend playing golf off and on for about 18 years now, don’t really have a handicap, but if I were to guess it would be 15-20, I just try to keep it under 100 haha. What I love about golf is how quickly you can see changes within your game when you practice. I love the feeling of a pure golf shot. I love how you can have a horrible round and have one shot that will keep you coming back! I was brought here just from reading reviews of random golf things and noticed there was a forum, so I decided to join! I grew up in the greater Seattle area, through your high school I would say my home course was a tiny 9 hole called Wellington Hills in Woodinville WA. Now most of my rounds are played at another 9 hole called Blue Boy West, in Monroe. I enjoy cheap golf!!!!! Lol Worst thing about golf in the area is obviously the amount of rain. Best part is all the rain makes you enjoy the sunny rounds even more! I make my living as a Kia mechanic and have been doing that for almost 13years now. username is nothing special or unique haha, just a combo of letters within my name. Looking forward to posting and reading more throughout the forum!
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