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  1. Thank you! I plan to head back to Golf Galaxy and rest a few more after some more range work. Appreciate the thoughts!
  2. Thank you! I went to golf galaxy this past weekend and tried a few clubs out. My result is that I first need to hit my hybrid a bit more consistent before I get a new club. Basically, I hit them all the same but I will say that the newer clubs gave me about 10-15 yards more than my current set. Once I feel more confident, I’ll go for the upgrade!
  3. Great call. I have a golf Galaxy by me and can use their trackman
  4. Thank you! I may demo outdoors to get a feel. Finally warming up in Minnesota! Thanks so much for detailed response. Appreciate all of your thoughts.
  5. Hi, I have some old hybrids (1 and 3) from back in the day when Nike made clubs. Has hybrid technology changed enough over the last 10 years to warrant getting new ones? I’ve had mixed responses so curious to get everyone’s take. Thanks!
  6. Mizuno Hot Metal…great fee and sound all around. If you’re in the player improvement category.
  7. Just got some Cleveland CBX Zipcore and love them. Great consistency all around (I.e, my mishits).
  8. Thank you! Appreciate the insight!
  9. How do Snell’s rate compared to Maxfli? I have some Maxfli straight’s but have always been curious on Snell.
  10. I went with a pair of Oakley golf prizm. Got a cheap pair off eBay. Seem pretty nice
  11. Makes sense. If I see anything, I’ll reply back. Best of luck!
  12. Thinking of getting new Mizuno OMOI #2 and curious to see if others have used Mizuno putters and what their thoughts are. TIA.
  13. Same! Snowed this morning! I have bag boy nitro and it’s better than the 4 wheeler I used to have. Would adjusting the height of the handle help with maneuverability?
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