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  1. Hey MGS North Central Region! You can probably tell by my name I’m not great at this forum stuff. Honestly it’s the first forum I’ve joined in years! I’ve followed MGS for years and finally decided to join the community! 1. Been Playing since I was around 12-14 years old. Play at my local course at 9.0 generally around mid 80s when I travel outside my comfort zone… 2. To me golf is something I can still do competitively that I don’t need all the boys to do and can still have a beer while I’m shooting around 3. Like I stated earlier, I’ve been watching and reading (and Listening) to MGS for years so I finally decided to jump in! I don’t however know any other spies yet. 4. I currently live around Logan, Iowa although I’m originally from central Iowa. My home course is now Logan-Missouri Valley Country Club 5. Beside the sights, sounds, smells. I’d have to say in this region we can literally play almost any course design in the hills, on flat bottom ground or even links style in the sand hills of Nebraska. I absolutely hate that I can’t go golf any day of the year. Winter. O this are tough weather wise and also with my current occupation. 6. Which leads me to what I do, I own my own consulting biz where I work with farmers on making more efficient and informative decisions. I also own a small commercial roofing company that really I have for tax purposes. 7. Like I said I’m kinda new to forums and I’m not very creative so I chose my display name based on my actual name…
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