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  1. Didn't your fitter go through all of this and set up the optimal weights for you? I can move mine (just like my driver), but I don't because once I get fit they did the work and have the tools to make it proper.
  2. That's awesome. I'm happy I went to a fitter because mine called and offered to let me use the labs putter until mine comes in "hopefully" next month. Its been 3 months and pushed back another month, so at this point I'm not hopeful that I get my putter until end of summer.
  3. Honestly, don't wait if you don't have to. Mizuno is really struggling to get shafts for putters and while they have them in now...they may not in the near future. My M-Craft has been pushed back for months and was pushed back "at least" another month due to shaft shortage.
  4. Wasn't the furthest for me, but it was the most consistent. I hit 10 shots in the fairway all within 7 yards of each other in distance with the Stealth+. The side to side dispersion from every other driver tested in my fitting was 50% or more than the Stealth+ was. I'll take that consistency over 5-10 more yards and worrying about hitting hazards.
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