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  1. First of all congratulations for playing the correct tees while you learn to score by getting up and down and hitting the occasional GIR because you are not playing too much yardage. To get to the point I have not found a hybrid better the TaylorMade rescue. You should be able to find a used club for way less than 100 euro. I have 3 in my bag that are over 15 years old and I will not replace them until I find something that performs better. I have tried and experimented with many other brands which I will not mention to not disparage them. The TM Rescue can be found in 16*, 19*, 22* (all of which I carry) and 25*. I have stock, regular flex shafts in all of them and I can carry them 230, 215 and 200 yards respectively. Club head speed about 95.
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