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  1. I go with a warm base layer that has some merino wool in it. Then I add a golf shirt and the just wear a wind proof layer on top of that and that usually works well. If it is really cold I add a mid layer as well. Just something a bit thicker like a pull over sweater. Keeps me warm right down to the freezing mark. Wear a toque as well (I think in the US you refer to it as a beanie). You will be surprised how much this helps in keeping you warm.
  2. Have you considered PXG? I thought they might have had a few authored retailers in Netherlands. One of these would likely have a lefty hybrid for you to try out?
  3. @Ricky Bobby I have never had an issue with mine and have played in the rain as well as in humid conditions. My irons have about 100 rounds in them now and while they will soon be replaced, they still perform very well.
  4. Is there no way for you to get a fitting? PXG make great clubs and I would not overlook their standard Lamkin grip which is very good.
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