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  1. Hello all! I bought these on a whim a few weeks ago and after researching and getting a proper fitting I realized these are not the correct clubs for me. My fitter explained they couldn't be bent to the 4 degree upright lie that I needed, so I ordered a new set and need to sell these. They've never seen dirt or grass, only a real feel mat indoors and a couple of the clubs have never seen a ball. Due to them not being to my spec, a couple have rub marks on the sole toward the toe, but the faces are flawless. Being able to carry a 7 iron about 190 yards was pretty crazy! I just wish I'd done my research first. These are standard length, standard lie. The set includes 6-PW, AW, GW on the Fubuki MV Series 55 gram Regular Flex. (Style Number: 544RGR6W2) They were also fitted with the Winn DryTac Midsize grips as well upon purchase. I'm asking $900 shipped.
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