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  1. I think it truly shows how a ball fitting can help all of us improve our game because we all have different swings
  2. Cool review. You must have a better swing than me because I could not get the ball to spin and hold on greens
  3. Cool review for Cape Town! I didn’t get as much testing on a Trackman either but at least you were able to provide your input.
  4. Yeah, amazing what happens when everything is in synch with your swing and you can crush a ball once in a blue moon Yeah, I thought it was strange I hit the ball further on the simulator. Maybe I subconsciously had a smoother stroke to get better contact on the ball. I thought I was swinging the same for each stroke but could be totally human error on my part Hence, I am just an amateur player like the most of us and have an our good and bad days.
  5. Hello MGS family! My name is Rolly and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been golfing on and off for over 32 years. I am 53 years old and have been consistently playing golf 1-2 times a week for the past 10 years now. My current index is 8.8. The strongest part of my game is putting. The weakest part of my game is everything else, LMAO! What saves my scores is that I scramble good around the green. I need to be better off the tee to allow me to make GIRs but hey, it’s a work in progress like the majority of us. This is my FIRST EVER to be a tester. I am very excited to provide my in put regarding the Titleist Test Ball. I do not have access to any launch monitors but was able to obtain some data via the local Golfmart store that I went to. Thank you MGS & Titleist for this opportunity! I hope to get a passing grade in order to be eligible to test more products Here is what is currently in my bag (all clubs have stiff flex): Woods: PXG 0811 X Gen 4 Driver PXG 0311 XF Gen 5 3 wood PXG 0317 X Gen 4 3 HY PXG 0317 XF Gen 4 4 HY PXG 0317 X Gen 4 5 HY Irons: Sub 70 699 6-AW Wedges: PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy 56 PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy 60 Putter: Pyramid blade FIRST IMPRESSIONS Just like someone mention in the very beginning of the testing is that it was pretty funny to have a white box within another white box. Now I have been normally playing the PXG ball. I play the PXG ball because of the discounts they provide to first responders, lol! I love playing PROV1s but as we all know they can be expensive. The dimple patterns are definitely different between the two balls (hex vs circle). Aesthetically, I do not mind whether they are hex vs circle dimples. I like the alignment style for the TEST ball. I also like the style of alignment on the PXG. I think every ball should have an alignment on the ball with us having to do it ourselves. Call me lazy I first started by putting the balls at home. Putting at 8’, I did not feel like I had to putt any harder for the test ball. My stroke (aside from human error) was the same for each ball. The Test ball is definitely a softer ball compared to the PXG. I believe the consensus was the same across the board about the test ball being a soft ball. I took a couple of videos regarding the putting but for some reason I am unable to load them. I have shortened the videos down to 31MB but they still are not uploading. Anyways, the videos were straight forward. PXG ball and Test ball putted just fine. The test ball is definitely feels and sounds softer off the face of my putter. The Pyramid putter does not have a facial insert. Only has milled grooves on the face. SOME SIMULATOR COMPARISONS Now, I was able to go to the local Golfmart store to utilize their tracking system for a little bit. The crazy part is that I appeared to hit the ball longer (Driver & 4HY) on the simulator with the Test ball compared to PXG. Here is just the yardage data with my 4HY Maybe I can contribute to the longer overall distance because the test ball rolls out more than the PXG. ON COURSE So, I played the first 9 holes with my PXG ball and the last 9 holes with the Test ball. I shot 44 in the front and 42 in the back. I normally play better on the back 9 than the front so not sure how much of the lower score was from the Test ball or just part of my normal game, lol! I did have two 3-putts on the back 9. Probably because the test ball did not “stick” and rolled out at least 5 feet from when the ball hit the green. You can see the distance of roll by the pics I have attached below. The one pic I remembered to take with my PXG, you can see how it did not roll out like the Test ball My experience is that I was longer off the tee with my driver when I used my PXG ball. The Test ball was decent but for some reason I hit more fades with the Test ball versus PXG ball. Maybe I was getting tired and not following through? I didn’t experience a “straighter ball” like others were stating but I am sure that is all because of my swing Titleist Test Ball Cosmetics of the Test ball. Just like everyone else has reported, the cover of the ball was NOT durable. After 4 holes, it already has scuffed up and saw the weird “grey” line that someone else had mentioned. The scuffing occurred during my approach shots with my wedges. Above the “ei” is where you can see the grey line. That would not come off. Thought it was a little weird. CONCLUSION I will probably stick with my PXG ball for now BUT will try other balls to determine which would be a better game ball for me if any. It is so amazing how the little things can affect our golf game. I need to make sure I have the right gear and not just because I get a discount Anyways, thank you all who took the time to read through my review.
  6. I agree. I have never done a ball fitting and after reading all the reviews and seeing how the test ball performed with my swing made me realize even more how we all are different with our swings and finding the right equipment and ball can truly help your game.
  7. Your review looks like a legit professional review. Awesome job.
  8. Good morning MGS family! I am blessed enough to have been selected for the first time to test a product out. I was on vacation and when I arrived back home there it was … the white box within a white box of the Titleist Test balls. Unfortunately, I have been forced to work with no days off right now but plan on testing the balls out and providing my opinion regarding the test balls. Stay tuned for my results …
  9. Enjoy the testing! Still waiting on confirmation email for my batch to arrive.
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