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  1. BUMMER! Just looked at the dates and I’ll be on my family vacation during the same timeframe. Hopefully I can make the 2024 trip
  2. As like some members, I have not been able to hit a 3 wood at all. I have been using hybrids (16,18&20 degree) which work fine for me but I know I am lacking some distance on Par 5s for the approach shots. I hit my hybrids the following avg. distances: 5 hybrid (20 degree) = 190 4 hybrid (18 degree) = 200 3 hybrid (16 degree) = 210 Would woods be longer? Easier?
  3. Like your reply. My wife just started playing and is taking lessons. I currently have the PXG 0811X Gen 4 driver. I will have to let my wife know your input about the PXG 0211s your wife has.
  4. I would love to add “Veteran” and “Police” badges to my profile. Love that their is a Police badge since our profession is not well accepted nowadays Thank you MyGolfSpy for these options!
  5. I wanted to reach out to see if there is such a thing as “Performance Golf Socks”. Are there any socks specifically made to help with your feet not getting tired while walking. I know there are shoes but what about socks to help with circulation? Is there such a thing? If so, would it be worth while to do a review on those socks?
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