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  1. As like some members, I have not been able to hit a 3 wood at all. I have been using hybrids (16,18&20 degree) which work fine for me but I know I am lacking some distance on Par 5s for the approach shots. 

    I hit my hybrids the following avg. distances:

    5 hybrid (20 degree) = 190

    4 hybrid (18 degree) = 200

    3 hybrid (16 degree) = 210

    Would woods be longer? Easier?

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  2. On 3/10/2022 at 12:00 PM, Kenny B said:

    Great suggestion!  And @tony@CIC is right.

    What my wife and I have found is that when new shoes come out and reviews are made, the same shoe for ladies is not available... until maybe a year or two later.  Our latest example is the FJ DNA golf shoes.  Remember when the came out!  Me neither, but women's DNA shoes showed much later.  

    With the recent price reduction of PXG clubs, they have become a reasonable consideration for women.  My wife recently bought the 0211 DC irons and just bought the 0211 woods to go with them.  PXG shows a lot of support for the women's game, and a performance-wise review from a ladies perspective may get other OEMs to consider marketing something other than the matching full set with bag in pink.

    Like your reply. My wife just started playing and is taking lessons. 

    I currently have the PXG 0811X Gen 4 driver. 

    I will have to let my wife know your input about the PXG 0211s your wife has. 

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  3. On 11/23/2018 at 10:55 AM, STUDque said:

    In an effort to provide a little more flair to the forum, we're going to start a catalog for profile badges.  These will not replace the Donor badge and you don't need to be a Donor to be eligible to add these to your profile.  This listing will be updated as new badges are introduced.  If you'd like one added to your profile just comment here or send a PM to one or two of the following mods: @GolfSpy_APH @GolfSpy MPR @GolfSpy_THVor @GolfSpy_CS.  Being a game of honesty, please only request that which you honestly deserve..


    Users are allotted a Donor Tag + 2 items from the catalog

















    Earn-able (exempt from limits):





    If you have an idea for something new, just add a comment on this thread (doesn't hurt if you do some of the design work yourself).  


    PSA- For those requesting a 2019 tester badge:
    These are added once you complete and post your Stage 2 reviews.


    I would love to add “Veteran” and “Police” badges to my profile. Love that their is a Police badge since our profession is not well accepted nowadays 😞

    Thank you MyGolfSpy for these options!

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  4. I wanted to reach out to see if there is such a thing as “Performance Golf Socks”. Are there any socks specifically made to help with your feet not getting tired while walking. I know there are shoes but what about socks to help with circulation? Is there such a thing?

    If so, would it be worth while to do a review on those socks?

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