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  1. He just bogied 16, so he needs another bird for the magic number
  2. Rory at -4 before playing a single par 5…..that’s gonna be very hard to beat.
  3. Rory is absolutely throwing DARTS early. This is going to be great fun to watch.
  4. On the YouTube feed - I checked it out for a minute - LIV isn’t doing themselves any favors by abbreviating the players names, I think. We know who Phil and DJ are, but who is leading the tournament?
  5. Well Callaway put Phil's sponsorship "on hold", whatever that means. It will be interesting to see what the manufacturers do here, because all the corporate sponsors ran for the hills right away.
  6. I didn't watch the Ladies US Open, but I DID watch the Ladies NCAAs this year and the level of golf was off the chain. I'm going to start watching more women's golf.
  7. I wish they would have gone with FIGJAM, as explained in Shipnuck's book.
  8. TXG has a video out about this very topic this morning.
  9. I suspect if you need a club to launch high off the deck, and also tee off with maybe a little more than 4 iron distance, you'll be happy. At least that's my profile.
  10. I went True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS +.5 inches longer - I'm 6'2", 1 degree up. These are the S300 stiffness....I don't have a super high club head speed. I hope to hit them this evening.
  11. I play driver, 5 wood and 7 wood. I just ordered a new Rogue Max 7 with Adila Rogue White 30 MSI 60 Graphite. I may put a strong 3 wood in the bag and drop one of my 3 wedges depending on course, but this should do for now. I think.
  12. I too, have ordered a mixed set of these irons, but different makeup. 8,9,P P770 standard lofts, 4,5,6,7 P790 and I followed the TaylorMade adjustment chart: 6 & 7 2.0 Deg Weak, 5 1.5 Deg Weak and 4 1 Deg Weak. I got the P790s, the P770s are a bit delayed, another two weeks until shipping. Can't wait to hit them all. EDIT: These are replacing 20+ year old Ping i3 O-Size green dot irons.
  13. Just got fitted at CC for and ordered the Rogue ST Max with a VA Nemesys 65 R. The dispersion was really quite something, nice and tight. My swing is quite broken at the moment, but if I can consistently get to 95mph club head speed, this game is going to become a lot more fun. Light blue (very old) gamer was all over the place. Red for the win.
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