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  1. I remember well the day I dropped my daughter off at college. I also remember her excitement at the new experience and my feeling of emptiness on the drive home. It made the visits and the summer breaks that much sweeter. It gets better.
  2. I tried Arccos and it was just an expensive, bad experience for me.
  3. I get that about the pagers. I was in IT for years and the company I worked for last gave me a phone. The problem with a phone is that is if you have one people expect you to answer it, emergency or not. A pager on the other hand gets you pertinent information quickly and it's one way communication.
  4. hohjoe


  5. Welcome. I'm a couple of hours away in Hull, GA.
  6. There is a course I play at on occasion and they rent the bikes. The bag goes along the top tube with the club heads over the handlebars. On the weekends the bikes are constantly on the course. Pretty cool kickstand.
  7. Golf with the grandson yesterday and hopefully golf with the granddaughter later this week.
  8. Except in Maryland. The get people there for 2 over. I figured, after he pulled me over, that's what he was doing. I had the cruise set and taking a leisurely drive to the airport, it gave him something to do I guess.
  9. I got a ticket in Washington state years ago for doing 66 in a 65. I was headed to the airport from Vancouver and I think the trooper used it as an excuse to pull me over to see if I was a drug mule. Is that a 10 speed?
  10. A\C in my car is having issues. At least it was only 89 in GA yesterday.
  11. It's really amazing the doctors could do that. Best of luck to Mama and baby.
  12. Sorry for your loss. I had to put one of my Greys down three years ago today and it is a tough thing to go through.
  13. I have one of those and I wet it before I play and it's a lot cooler than a regular hat.
  14. I retired at the end of 2020 and my wife, and I moved into a smaller place to be near my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. I’m not on a golf course, but close to one and I’m a mere 829 steps away the family. I’m in a smaller house with a workshop in the back for woodturning, my other hobby. Moving required downsizing after being in a place for 20+ years and it was tough. It was for me anyway. I went through what I had and separated what I had to keep, then went through what I had to keep two or three times until I had less and less stuff. I still miss some things, power tools mainly, but I can’t say I miss much. Best of luck downsizing, it’s a tough task, but sounds like it will be worth it.
  15. The child and adult versions are the same except for the dosage amount. But, a doctor has to prescribe an Epipen. I've been stung since I started carrying an Epipen, though not in the torso or chest. I won't use it just because of a sting, only if my throat starts to swell and blocks my airway.
  16. I carry the Epipen just for swelling and respiratory issues. My doc said if I ever needed to use it to lay down, hopefully somewhere somewhat soft, and jab myself. I've carried the Epipen for 20+ years and only once did I have to get ready to stick myself and thankfully I did not have to use it.
  17. Talk to your doctor. The Epipen is prescribed, so you would need doctor involvement anyway.
  18. I've used Benadryl for fire ant bites, but Benadryl won't do anything for me for bee\wasps stings. I swell immediately. My doc said if I get stung anywhere from the sternum to the top of the head to be prepared to use the Epipen.
  19. I've never been stung in the ear by a yellow jacket, and that's gotta hurt. But I was stung in the foot and ended up in the ER. Now I carry an Epipen and I keep three in my golf bag.
  20. So, Einstein is taking his morning stroll around heaven and meets someone, and asks aren’t you new here? And the guy replies yes, I am. Einstein asked what he did before on earth and the guy said he was a nuclear physicist. Einstein said that sounds like a very interesting job we will have to discuss it over lunch one day. The next day on his morning stroll Einstein meets someone else new and asked what that person did. The person replies he ran the nuclear medicine wing at John Hopkins hospital. Einstein said I’d love to hear all about your job and what was involved, we can discuss it over lunch one day. One the next stroll Einstein meets another new person and asked what he did for a job previously. The guy said he drove a garbage truck for the city for 32 years. Einstein said ROLL TIDE!
  21. I have one of those in green.
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