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  1. A blonde goes to the ER and tells the doctor she hurts all over. The doc said, “please explain in a little more detail.” The blonde touches her forehead with her right index finger and yells “ouch!” The she touches her nose, left shoulder, each knee, each foot and her sternum and each time yells “ouch!” And said "see I hurt all over. " The doc said “your finger is broken.”

  2. 8 hours ago, chisag said:


    ... The nice thing about an electric cart is you can load it up without worrying about weight. I usually carry two 42oz water bottles and with one in the bag it tends to pull that way. So most bags do not have flat bottoms and with most electric carts there is a base with some kind of slot for their bag, so it isn't a snug fit. Go on a side hill slant and the bag can almost lean off the cart and while the straps keep it on, it can't tilt or slip. PIA to unstrap and reattach. MGI has a square protrusion at the rear of the base and the bag has a protruding square the fits like a puzzle piece. I am guessing every electric cart OEM has their own unique locking system.

    I agree about electric carts and weight.


    I have a Bat Caddy and I carry a 3L CamelBak in the long pocket on left side of my bag. When I mount the bag on the cart, and I twist it slightly off center to the left and it stays in place. If I mount it straight it seems twist to the left, so I just place it that way when I mount the bag. My cart will lean off center on cambered hills, but the cart leans, not the bag.

  3. On 8/11/2022 at 6:17 PM, PMookie said:

    Took my son to college today. Ugh. I miss him already… I just went and sat in his room here at the house and cried. First time ever that he’s not here at home… Man. Just rough. He’s going to do great things, and have a blast in college, but I’m gonna miss my little guy, my first child.



    I remember well the day I dropped my daughter off at college. I also remember her excitement at the new experience and my feeling of emptiness on the drive home.

    It made the visits and the summer breaks that much sweeter. It gets better.

  4. On 8/7/2022 at 9:23 PM, brogies said:

    I'm really interested in GPS shot tracking for my rounds, especially to measure strokes gained across my different shot types to better improve my game. What I can't get over is that it's almost 2023 and there aren't any better options than what Arccos or ShotScope can offer. Both seem like a chore to use during a round, especially ShotScope with an H4 having to tap the tracker onto the H4 before each shot. 

    I work in tech so maybe I just have really high expectations, but with what we can train computers and algorithms to do, I thought we'd have better options. However, I will say I'm hopeful for the next 1-2 years that either those companies or a new company will come out with something revolutionary that doesn't require such manual work. What are your guys' thoughts?

    And please correct me if there are better options out there that work more seamlessly. I know there are a few apps that use smart watches but I doubt those work that well.

    I tried Arccos and it was just an expensive, bad experience for me.

  5. On 8/7/2022 at 10:16 PM, TheCanadianBogeyman said:

    But I work in public healthcare, where some people still use PAGERS! So I'm never too surprised when technology isn't where I think it should be.

    I get that about the pagers. I was in IT for years and the company I worked for last gave me a phone. The problem with a phone is that is if you have one people expect you to answer it, emergency or not.


    A pager on the other hand gets you pertinent information quickly and it's one way communication.

  6. 11 hours ago, ApachePhil said:


    Greetings from North Georgia.  Just getting back into the game and found this forum.


    1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing since I was a kid, but have taken 3-4 long breaks due to life events.  I haven't hit more than 500 balls in the past 6-7 years and looking to get back into the game.  So, now...in the 2 rounds I've played recently, I scored 105+.  Previously played in the 10-12 hcp range and hope to get back to that soon.
    2. What do you love about golf?  There has been no perfect game.  I enjoy being outdoors and getting exercise and striking the ball well...that one shot that motivates one to come back out the next day.

    3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?  Don't know anyone else here...seems to be a good place to get course and equipment ideas.

    4. Where are you from? What is your home course?  Born and raised in the Northwest and joined the military after high school. Currently living in Ellijay, GA.

    5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?  Year round golf/outdoor activities...but June-August is too damn hot!

    6. What do you do for a living?  Pilot for a Major Air Line.

    7. How’d you pick your user name?  Name given to me while I was in the military based on the aircraft I flew and part of my last name.

    Welcome. I'm a couple of hours away in Hull, GA.

  7. 8 hours ago, Kenny B said:

    Profiling.  Anyone driving at or under the speed limit... everyone else drives 10 over.  🤣

    Except in Maryland. The get people there for 2 over.

    I figured, after he pulled me over, that's what he was doing. I had the cruise set and taking a leisurely drive to the airport, it gave him something to do I guess.

  8. 1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

    While on my way down to AZ last week, I noticed the mileage on the Expedition was approaching an ominous number.  What are the odds this happened as I passed through Las Vegas? 😱  Full disclosure; I set the speed to match... breaking the law by 1 mph 🤣


    I got a ticket in Washington state years ago for doing 66 in a 65. I was headed to the airport from Vancouver and I think the trooper used it as an excuse to pull me over to see if I was a drug mule.


    Is that a 10 speed?

  9. 16 hours ago, kardboard.kid said:

    My son and daughter are expecting their second.  Found out she has Spina Binfida, and had to go for surgery.  They actually do a C-section, cut into the uterus and operate on the baby.  They were able to clos the opening on the spine and get mom and baby put all back together.  That was back in the beginning of June.  The cerebellum has almost returned to the proper shape of a bowtie, and she has gained almost 2 lbs.  Incredible what doctors can do today.  They will have to go back to the Cleveland Clinic at 32weeks and she will have to stay there till they take our grandaughter by C-Section ( a second time).  There may be some issues that my need further surgeries but everyone is optimistic.   This is kinda got problem and kinda not post.  🙂


    It's really amazing the doctors could do that. Best of luck to Mama and baby.

  10. 7 hours ago, Jmikecpa said:

    Been a rough 24 hours. Our Great Dane was diagnosed a few months ago with a heart condition that unfortunately cannot be treated anymore with medicine. Had to call the vet today to make her final appointment and it absolutely gutted me. Spent my entire drive from VA to NY with tears in my eyes. Spent most of last night with her and it just kills me to have to say goodbye. Today and tomorrow are just going to flat out suck. 

    Sorry for your loss. I had to put one of my Greys down three years ago today and it is a tough thing to go through.

  11. 1 hour ago, ONLYHITBOMBS said:

    If you are looking for a sun protection hat - I just got the Imperial Old Norse. I have had skin cancer 6 times and it works great at blocking the sun and the white color doesn’t show any sweat stains. It was 111 here today and it worked great. 



    I have one of those and I wet it before I play and it's a lot cooler than a regular hat.

  12. 23 hours ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    My wife and children (19 and 20 years old) really want to move. I know I need to consider downsizing because I have to much to maintain as I get older. The amount my real estate friend says I should get for it makes it a no brainer. But I have a great place, great views, and a low cost of living area. 

    But here is the kicker. My wife is researching homes and distances to golf courses and country clubs. I believe after 25 years she is fully trained. She really wants to move closer to her sister down near Oak Island in NC. She knows how to get me interested.. My only requirement is I need to be 45 minutes from an airport for work. I want an acre of property so I can put in an outbuilding (work shop, man cave, golf sim and stuff). 

    I guess the purging will start soon. 

    I retired at the end of 2020 and my wife, and I moved into a smaller place to be near my daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids. I’m not on a golf course, but close to one and I’m a mere 829 steps away the family. I’m in a smaller house with a workshop in the back for woodturning, my other hobby.


    Moving required downsizing after being in a place for 20+ years and it was tough. It was for me anyway. I went through what I had and separated what I had to keep, then went through what I had to keep two or three times until I had less and less stuff. I still miss some things, power tools mainly, but I can’t say I miss much.


    Best of luck downsizing, it’s a tough task, but sounds like it will be worth it.

  13. 6 hours ago, Lacassem said:

    My understanding is that regardless the epipen is the same unless its child vs adult (only different is dosage). I have also been taught that regardless if you have an epi ready to use it as anything will help.

    The child and adult versions are the same except for the dosage amount. But, a doctor has to prescribe an Epipen.

    I've been stung since I started carrying an Epipen, though not in the torso or chest. I won't use it just because of a sting, only if my throat starts to swell and blocks my airway.

  14. 17 hours ago, tommc23 said:

    The problem is people don’t use them right or at the right time. They are supposed to be used to for respiratory problems not just for swelling in an extremity. My mom hit herself with one years ago because her hand was swollen but no other issues. Any bite above the nipple line which would cause swelling would definitely cause have some respiratory issues so I definitely think that would suck.

    I carry the Epipen just for swelling and respiratory issues.


    My doc said if I ever needed to use it to lay down, hopefully somewhere somewhat soft, and jab myself. I've carried the Epipen for 20+ years and only once did I have to get ready to stick myself and thankfully I did not have to use it.

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