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  1. I've used Benadryl for fire ant bites, but Benadryl won't do anything for me for bee\wasps stings. I swell immediately. My doc said if I get stung anywhere from the sternum to the top of the head to be prepared to use the Epipen.
  2. I've never been stung in the ear by a yellow jacket, and that's gotta hurt. But I was stung in the foot and ended up in the ER. Now I carry an Epipen and I keep three in my golf bag.
  3. So, Einstein is taking his morning stroll around heaven and meets someone, and asks aren’t you new here? And the guy replies yes, I am. Einstein asked what he did before on earth and the guy said he was a nuclear physicist. Einstein said that sounds like a very interesting job we will have to discuss it over lunch one day. The next day on his morning stroll Einstein meets someone else new and asked what that person did. The person replies he ran the nuclear medicine wing at John Hopkins hospital. Einstein said I’d love to hear all about your job and what was involved, we can discuss it over lunch one day. One the next stroll Einstein meets another new person and asked what he did for a job previously. The guy said he drove a garbage truck for the city for 32 years. Einstein said ROLL TIDE!
  4. I have one of those in green.
  5. I take them off. If it's really windy I wear a baseball hat. The brim on a bucket hat is like one big wing in the wind.
  6. I have a Fenix 6 and I've had that problem. I've also had to to a hard reset on the watch a few times because the GPS wouldn't locate or recognize my home course. If I play a new course I've learned to download the course to my watch, not my phone, before I head to the course, because if I don't have the course loaded the watch has issues locating where I am.
  7. I played early Monday and it was fine. I played late Wednesday and it was HOT here in GA. I usually walk my home course, but Wednesday I took a cart. I figured out last year 90 degrees is my limit for walking. I wet my hat when I could and it helps keep me cool.
  8. It depends on what you call a bucket hat. This hat is listed as a bucket. I wet it an wear it and it's a lot cooler in the heat. https://imperialsports.com/product/cc050-the-old-norse-cooling-sun-protection-hat/
  9. I don't have a favorite book or author. I do read quite a bit, more that I watch TV. I do have authors I follow: John Sandford CJ Box Michael Connelly Nick Petrie Carl Hiaasen Lee Child Paul Doiron Alice Henderson Robert Crais John Grisham Ace Atkins Dennis Lehane
  10. So, will the Prince of Saudi win the PGA PIP award?
  11. Well, yeah if she is going to use mayonnaise, its gotta be Duke's.
  12. I don't mind ketchup on a hot dog, although I don't do it. A couple of weeks ago and neighbor and I played a round of golf with some friends of his and after the game was over one of the guys had a hot dog and put mayonnaise on it. I had to look away.
  13. So, it's paying the CC fee the merchant pays, plus a punishment fee?
  14. I eat at a small restaurant that charges a fee when using a credit card. I usually have cash and if I don’t and I use my CC, I understand why the fee exists and I don’t have a problem paying it. 7% for CC use seems exorbitant. Places in my area that charge a fee for CC use charge 3-4%. 7% seems like an added tax. Unless 7% is the norm where you live, but it still seems high.
  15. I was at Fort Dix for a week in '71 waiting to transfer and I had something with gravy, I'm not so sure it was cardboard though.
  16. I agree 100%. I have a BatCaddy and it's been great.
  17. How do you carry the water? I have a TaylorMade cart bag on my cart and I use a 3L Osprey bladder. Similar to a Camelbak is you are familiar with those. The bladder fist nicely in one of the side pockets.
  18. 1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? 12-14 years. I retired at the end of 2020 and now play 2-3 times a week. 2. What do you love about golf? The challenge of hitting a great shot or making a great putt and the feeling when it actually happens. 3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? The wealth of information and the feeling of camaraderie. I know no other Spies. 4. Where are you from? What is your home course? Hull, GA. Highland Walk 5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best: Playing year-round. Worst: Crowds 6. What do you do for a living? Retired from hardware IT 7. How’d you pick your user name? It’s one I’ve used for years, and I am hard of hearing.
  19. I have a BatCaddy X8R and it folds down almost as small as the three-wheeled pushcart I used to own. I have no problems getting my bag and the X8R in my hatchback. I would not want a cart that followed me because I want to either keep the cart in front of me or I want to keep my hand on it. I enjoy walking the course and with the BatCaddy I can walk 2-3 times a week.
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