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  1. Hello Fellow Spy folk…. 55 1/2 years old, starting to develop pain in hands which is mainly in trail hand knuckles and ring finger… currently in standard grip. looking for anyone that has similar issue and if switching to a midsize grip. Have switched from interlocking to overlap but still had some of the same feelings, working on 10 finger grip and seems to help
  2. They certainly still have good pop to them for 9 years old
  3. Gotcha , they are the old Adams super LS models and although they are older since they were inherited I want to give’em a whirl. The 17 has currently has the kuroKage 80hy in stiff and the 19 & 22 have rhe kuroKage 80hy in regular… might just regrip since they are worn out and see what happens.
  4. Reshafting my 17* 19* and 22* hybrids that inherited and have stiff shafts, I am a regular flex swing speed. Probably a stupid question, should I go with the same graphite shafts and weight that are in my 6-GW irons?
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