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  1. Hello. Reading your post I thought you were in your 60’s .. then you said you were going to retire in a few years at 43. Congratulations on that. Too many swing thoughts and positions to obtain ie 90 degrees shoulder turn , shallow the club etc. I am 62 and came to the conclusion that the modern swing you see on your tv or on numerous you tubers is just not obtainable for normal people. Take a look and try a more vertical minimal turn method ie Don Trahan. It has transformed my game. Ball striking has never been better. I have been playing for 30 years.
  2. Yes 7 wood for sure! I got a TM last year at my buddy’s member guest event. I took the 4 iron out of the bag. I can really move it either off the tee or from the fairway. I have a M2 5 wood and hardly hit it. I think a nine wood might be next. I never liked the looks of a hybrid.
  3. I’m set at A3 in a 915 d2 and every drive is a fade this year. No distance. I am hitting my TM 7 wood just as far. I can’t hit a controlled draw since the 983 K. I think these hosel adjustments are gimmicks for the most part
  4. Hello I was wondering the same thing. After playing MP33’s with tour flighted rifles 6.5 my age told me to switch to a more forgiving 921 hm pro with px 5.5 lz. I like the ball flight until the 6 and 5 irons. Ball flight lower than MP33’s with a pronounced fade. My MP33’s were 1 degrees up. I did the “line on the ball” check and 921’s are a little flat for the 6and 5 iron. I am hoping a bend 1 degree up will take the fade away. Not sure if it will fix trajectory like the 33’s or is it shaft related? I suppose a launch monitor would be next step? Thoughts? Thanks!
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