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    Golf, rabid Islanders fan, guitar, and counting down the (too many to count) days until I can retire.

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  1. @SeshI’d be interested in your review of the larger bag.
  2. I should call about my Karsten I irons. Orange dot. I was 4 when they were made. In great shape and we’re my Mom’s.
  3. I use lamkin sonar. Felt the best in my hands. Standard size (which as a petite woman, is a little larger, which is great as I’ve had arthritis in my hands since I was a child). my cobra h5 has a winn grip, when it wears out, I’ll go to the lamkin sonar standard.
  4. Looks easy to use and fun! Downloaded and will give it a go!
  5. I love mine. I bring it to the driving range and putting area. Carries just enough for what I need. I did buy a few plastic tubes for when I bring my driver and 3w as the pouch That holds my water seems to weigh down and I don’t want any damage to the shafts. I don’t use the tubes when I take my irons, w, and putter. The side pockets are roomy enough, too for phone, wallet, etc.
  6. New player and creating my own as I move away from the hand-me-downs: here’s what I’ve acquired new to me TaylorMade driver srixon 3w cobra 5h odyssey putter cleveland sw Calloway wedge. I am checking out a set of used Callaway and used Cobra set of irons this weekend. been doing okay on the used market for women’s clubs. Trying to make smart upgrades that are forgiving but can still grow into.
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