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  1. Talked to them, again, and they told me it was the heads that were back ordered. They have the shafts,(Ventus Red), and grips,(GolfPride Tour wrap), in stock. I did get 10% discount for delay.
  2. Has anyone had “supply issue “ problems with getting their new irons? I turned 70 earlier this year and my wife said she would buy me a new set of irons for my bd. I got fitted on 7/14 @ CC. I have a set of Ping G5 irons that I bought when they first came out. Wanted to stay w/Ping, just couldn’t hit the G425s. Anyway, bought the TM Stealth irons w delivery date of 4-6 weeks. Delivery has been pushed back to mid October! Anyone else have this problem? TIA
  3. Great article! Very interesting
  4. 3 All Ping G5 irons. 1 Taylor Made driver Ping putter
  5. This is great info. I have always been interested in golf equipment and new innovations!
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