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  1. I joined our County course this month. It has been closed for a year and has been completely renovated. It is only 5 minutes from my house. 
    Cost was $1200.00(100/mo). Play in men’s groups once or twice per week. Green fees are 7.00 if I walk, 21.00 to ride (18 holes)

    Play with another group that travels to different courses. I read that there are 43 GC in our county (St. Johns, Florida). 

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  2. I was fitted for irons at CC in Jacksonville. Absolutely think it was a great investment in my golf game. Have been playing the same Pings for last 10+ years. Hit the TM Stealth irons best, ended up buying from them. Only problem was delivery. 3 months. (Heads) They gave me 10% off for the inconvenience. Highly recommend them, just tell them upfront what you want!

  3. I want my identical twin brother to start playing golf again! 30 years ago he was a club professional, went to work for a major hotel chain and flew across the world.(never married) Quit playing about 15 years ago, now he has retired and has no interest in playing. Has had long covid for over a year. Finally told me he just couldn’t play again,..ever.

    All I want is for him to change his mind!

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  4. Has anyone had “supply issue “ problems with getting their new irons? I turned 70 earlier this year and my wife said she would buy me a new set of irons for my bd. I got fitted on 7/14 @ CC. I have a set of Ping G5 irons that I bought when they first came out. Wanted to stay w/Ping, just couldn’t hit the G425s. Anyway, bought the TM Stealth irons w delivery date of 4-6 weeks. Delivery has been pushed back to mid October! Anyone else have this problem? TIA

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