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  1. Day 2 Baseline driver: 95 mph Average post training session: 103 mph I hit balls with my SkyTrak after the session with easy swings—consistently 100 mph with ball speeds knocking on the door of 150mph.
  2. Day 1 PRGR is super easy to use and set my baseline at 95mph. Post session #1, able to get to 100mph. I played 18 the following day and noticed the fluidity of my swing was a lot better. Avg driving distance up 5 yds but a windy day at times. Looking forward to any long term gains that materialize.
  3. Thanks for all this info. My rypstick and PRGR2 speed monitor are on order and am looking forward to see how this helps my game. Currently in the 95-100 drive swing speed (SkyTrak) but thing I have mph to gain since my 7iron speed can hit 90. I’ll post my data from training and arrcos over the weeks ahead…
  4. Currently play the previous version of the Forged Tec (5-GW) but am intrigued by these being a bit more of a players iron than the previous generation. I’d love to be able to compare and contrast the playability, forgiveness, accuracy, launch, spin to my current set. Since I do have spare arccos sensors so also will be able to share that data (dispersion from each set). I live in Yakima, WA and am 11.4 handicap. I also have a SkyTrak at home, so am curious how much any differences detected there will translate to the course. Of course I’d love the opportunity to share all the data and on course observations.
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