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  1. Played my 4th round of the year, and things have been steadily declining. 82 89 87 96. With absolutely no control of the golf ball, 4 OB, and 2 straight pushes into the bush. A long time friend the Shanks even played a few holes with us towards the end, which was a nice surprise culminating in a fantastic afternoon! This season I came with a goal of a stronger mental mindset to golf, and enjoying the time on the course instead of chasing numbers. I have not done done well with this goal and can't even bring myself to hit balls at a range right now. Can't wait for league to start on Tuesday.
  2. Chuck not holding back on Tiger at all.. Phil ahs to be fun because we all love the buddy that bets way too much money during a round
  3. 1 set must be identical to gamers if you want travel
  4. New Member from N. Ont. any fellow Spies trying to catch a round?
  5. 3 Brands, but still loyal as hell to Srixon - buttery smooth
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