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  1. Here in Oklahoma weather has been pretty good until this weekend. In fact we have had several perfect days this fall. We are about to have a pretty good stretch of 30’s and 40’s. Looks like may have a decent day to play Sunday getting up high 40’s low 50’s but then back down to 30’s Monday.
  2. Fit for Golf is another good program to take a look at.
  3. They are awesome spin is great on less than full pitches and chips. Spin in wet conditions is solid. Trajectory control is good. I like them a lot and I really liked the T22’s I replaced with the MG3’s. They raw face is nice. It’s a great wedge. I see why they got such high marks in the most wanted test. Highly recommend.
  4. I have Ventus Velocore Black 60g X flex in driver and Blue 70g X flex in 5 wood. Love the Black in driver. Going to tip the blue an inch to firm it up a bit. I am a big ventus velocore fan.
  5. I made the switch from JPX 921 tour 4-7 and MP 20 8-PW to 221 7-Pw, 223 4-6 and 225 3 iron. Made loft adjustments to close gaps in transitions. Absolutely love the Mizuno Pros.
  6. Mental Reps watching Tiger on the Putting Green at the PGA Championship
  7. Spieth to win the battle of the Texans in Texas.
  8. Have fun. I am going to Maui in late July. Love the islands. Can’t wait to go back.
  9. Who you got in PGA Championship. 

  10. A place in town on the strip called Dockside has good food.
  11. I made a change from KBS Tour 130X to PX 6.0 soft stepped 1. I wanted a bit lighter shaft and got the spin and launch numbers I wanted. Trajectory control is best I’ve ever had since charging.
  12. I play Mizuno and love them but I have always been intrigued by Miura. Have yet to hit a Miura but I just may have to.
  13. I love the Ventus Velocore shafts. I hit both blue and black. Went with Black in Driver and Blue in 3W. Launch numbers led me to both decisions.
  14. I play Ventus Velocore Black 6X in PXG driver and Ventus Velocore Blue 7X in Sim 2 Ti 3 Wood. Absolutely love the Ventus Velocore shafts.
  15. I met Graves at a tournament last year. I think he is teaching at Oak Tree National now.
  16. Oh wow. Impressive list. Your #1 is definitely my top bucket list to play.
  17. I agree either is fine sudden noise is the issue for me. All quiet all of a sudden someone’s phone rings or they start talking. Talking/not talking either is fine with me.
  18. Very subjective, but I recently started playing the left dash pro v1x and I really like it.
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