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  1. Hello all... Been a MyGolfSpy Youtube mark for awhile and found the forum pages somehow. How long have you been playing golf? I've been playing since high school, but spent my college years and 20's with my starter clubs in the storage shed at my parents house. Playing with a passion since the mid-90's. What’s your handicap or normal score? HCP 12.3 (trying to get that down in the single digits. What do you love about golf? It's like shooting baskets. You can play and practice by yourself, but it is best when you show out with a group. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? YouTube & Email subscriber Do you already know any other Spies? Not sure if I know any other spies, but I hyp MGS up to all my friends. Where are you from? Grew up Metro DC (AKA: DMV), now live in Richmond, VA area. What is your home course? Historic Belmont Golf Course. It has recently been changed from the original design which held a US Open in the early 1900s What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Worst is the weather. Rarely can play yer round comfortably. Have to play before 10A in July-August otherwise you have a chance to stroke out. What do you do for a living? Retired Law Enforcement, Current Compliance Officer How’d you pick your user name? Homage to my Daughter Camryn, born in 99.
  2. 1 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie - 8i or pw 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie - 56 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough - 50 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough - 56 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green - 56 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided - 60 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green - 56 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided - 56 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway - 50 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough - 50
  3. I may be in the minority, but my Arrcos was disappointing. I had the belt clip add-on that was supposed to make it more accurate and easier/more seamless to use, but it continued to miss shots. I inevitably gave up and went to taking notes after each hole. I hope I truly am in the minority.
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