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  1. Any update/review on the 2 thumb grip? Did you find a store to test out different grips before buying or just go for it?
  2. Never heard of them until this post. Went to the website to check them out, how did you end up picking which shape? Pistol vs octagon vs whatever else. Seems like all the shapes are pretty unconventional from usual grips and also they are very different from each other.
  3. Rickie is really showing how much of grind this game is for the past few years. You can be amazing at a lot of things but to put it all together at once is something completely different
  4. They say wars have been lost by wet socks
  5. I have 5-GW of used Cobra F9 OneLength and matching OneLength 3H. I have a non-matching SpeedZone 4i OneLength that I bought the next year. I played 1.5 seasons of bi-weekly golf with them and they are in good condition. All of them are equipped with Arccos sensors as well. I liked the OneLength when I was playing at 18 handicap, helped with consistency from shot to shot. Looking for around 400 for everything. Will take offers. Hard to price these since they are niche but GolfAvenue puts trade in value around there.
  6. I usually lose ~2, but never finished a round with the same ball. Played a couple of months ago and hadn't lost one through 14 or 15 and said something about it to my group. Next hole was near a park and I hit one directly in the middle of the fairway. 2 middle school age kids ran from the park into the fairway, grabbed my ball, and took off on bikes. Nothing you can do but laugh. I told the marshal when he came around just to let him know the kids were around and he offered me a free box of balls if I stopped at the club house after the round. Didn't even take him up on it for some reason lol.
  7. The system pointing out specific things to practice was definitely my favorite part of Arccos. That is one place that these did really show me something very specific that I'm not necessarily thinking about. I agree that, in most cases, good golfers know what their weaknesses are and can mostly caddy for themselves without needing the Arccos. It just depends on if you want that extra bit and don't mind the phone fiddling during round.
  8. I had them on my last set of Cobra F9 Speedback Irons. I had the same qualms with playing with my phone in my pocket (or link), shots out of the rough not being picked up, and it being completely useless for putting. It felt like a lot of fidgeting with your phone during a round that just enjoying golf. But those are annoyances that lots of people get over, not a deal breaker by any means. One thing that I think people don't mention though is that you have to do a lot of manipulation to the data for it to be relevant. It basically takes an average of your shots to suggest what you should hit. Mine was always thrown off from hitting non-stock shots. Sometimes I hit a full cut gap wedge 120, sometimes I hit a full knockdown 125, sometimes I hit a 3/4 knockdown 110. There is no way that Arccos can tell the difference between those shots as it just registers the average of those 3 shots to say you hit your gap wedge 118. And that's not completely inaccurate, but I think that most people who are single digit handicap already know those distances and can factor in wind/pin position, green firmness for rollout, etc to determine which club you need to hit. Also if you ever use a mid iron to punch out from trees or something like they then it averages the 40 yard punch into your 175 yard normal 7 iron shot and you have to go back and delete. I just felt like the cost of it and the amount of time I spent changing things on my phone mid-round were not really worth the information it was providing me.
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