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    Outside of golf, I like to bowl, ride my mountain bike, play D&D, watch movies, and occasionally let my wife take me to see Broadway plays.

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    91-100 mph
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    Short Game
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. ... and after day 1, where am I? Right smack dab in the middle. 122 out of 316. Not only that, but I pick Rory and he goes on a spree of breaking hands and trying to break ancient shrines to the game. Oh well, hopefully my round tomorrow will be good.
  2. Looking to keep the streak of finishing in the middle in tact. @Golfspy_CG2 I read the mystery box as - Wilson D9 Forged Excellent Condition
  3. I am so happy to see that this is being tied into 2022 Open Championship. This would be a great prize to win should my golfers get picked. I think that the curse of my golfers being doomed to missing the cut might actually be lifted for this contest.
  4. 1967 - Year of the Ram Open Winner - Roberto di Vicenzo (his only Major but he was the first Major winner from South America - Argentina) Irons - Dunlop - Maxfli (note this is when Maxfli was also considered a model for Dunlop - Dunlop later sold Maxfli to TaylorMade) NOTE: I learned all of this today by doing a deep dive and for that I can say thanks MGS!!
  5. Never missed an entire hole. I have missed shots more than I would like, but never an entire hole. My biggest problem lately has been when I am looking at the round afterwards, it has me putting from 65+ yrds off the green and then one putting from a foot. That happened on three holes on my last round.
  6. Thanks @fixyurdivot for a great time today. I enjoyed it and meeting up with you was a blast. Hopefully Kevin will join up on MSG since we seemed to be recruiting him pretty hard We'll see. Looking forward to next time and I am willing to be the host next year here in Boise.
  7. Yes! This! Even after all of the golf he has played over the last week and he still had the stamina to walk Timberstone with me today! Beast is a very apt term. I will let @fixyurdivot post the pics from today as he was taking them from jump today. I played pretty good for where I am at this point in my journey back but not as well as him. I do have to take a little humble brag about out driving him on most holes but not all of them since I did my fair share of slices and hooks off the tee while he kept them up the middle for the most part. Hearing Bill's stories from the PNW Meetup for this year, I can say I am jealous for this year and honestly looking forward to next year and have already began figuring out the courses we can play here in the Boise area. I know that Timberstone and BanBury are the two musts, so now I am beginning to weed out the rest of them so that everyone can see the diversity of courses around here. Thanks for posting all the pics from the trip and looking forward to next year.
  8. Yep, tried to access on my phone and got a message saying to try again later as the site was under upgrade.
  9. Cancer SUCKS no two ways about it. Keep up the good fight and don't let this period of time define what made your sister special. Take care and remember your spy family has your six. Peace.
  10. A Limerick I once played a round on a course My caddie worked hard as a horse She helped me to score And get down in four Playing around is what got me divorced
  11. My hearing aids have a tinnitus setting to help mask it. Doesn't make it go away, but gives me something else to occupy my mind. Before I got the hearing aids, since I was already hard of hearing, there would be times when all I could hear was the train whistle in my right ear and the crickets in my left. In case you are wondering, having two different sounds for the tinnitus is something that will drive you bat$#!/ crazy.
  12. You can request a link from the MODs, I looked at it a while ago and can't find the link. Just shoot one of them a message and they will get back to you.
  13. I am pro tech and don't think that we rely on it too much, however, I also think that if you want to be a "good" golfer, you need to be able to figure out the yardage manually. I don't think that it is asking too much of the courses to mark the 150 and 100 yard center of green points either via a sprinkler head, a post, or even a shrubbery on the side of the fairway, it may cost a little in the planning budget, but it would eliminate some, definitely not all, slow players. When I stopped playing back in the early 00s, range finders were still frowned upon by the purists. Since coming back into the golf kingdom fold I have noticed that everyone has a range finder, a GPS, a smart watch, or something, and even the carts have built-in monitors with up to date distance for pin location. I like having the info at arms length and once I am dialed back in on my club distances, I see it as making me believe more in my club selection so I am not standing over the ball debating between two different clubs. Now that said, when the day comes and we have a Jetson's like scene where your hitting a remote controlled ball with a remote controlled jet powered club that is retrieved by a robot, then we can talk about being too reliant on technology.
  14. I have followed this thread and have been reluctant to comment since I am such a newbie here. I wanted to see what the old timers had to say. As someone getting back into golf after an extreme layoff and without the desire to be quite a committed to the game as most of the users here, I do have some opinions that may leave some here with a bad taste in their mouth. First kudos to the MODs!! You guys are doing the best you can with the resources you have. I know that sometimes it is a thankless job and that it is always a payless job so big props to you all for stepping up. As to why I cam to the site, it was a search engine driver that led me here. I was looking for club reviews online and one of the first links was to the MGS forum. Didn't know anything about this site prior to that. So as to what led me here, it was a search engine. As to why I have stuck around comes to a couple of factors. I was reading the forum threads for info and enjoyed the fact that it was user driven content that was organic and not being driven by MODs or outside influences. I also enjoyed the positive comments and the helpfulness that everyone showed to one another. Then throw in that there didn't seem to be any trolls lurking around was just icing on the cake. I enjoyed that aspect of it and came back a few times without signing up or commenting. Then I found the testing. After looking into it and seeing what was happening, that is what drove me to actually signup as a user and try and get a chance to be a tester. I followed the rules needed for setting up my account and adding a pic. I became active as a contributor to the threads, mostly for comic relief and not to add in the technical details as I left that to the guys who know what they are talking about. I entered the testing submissions and was chosen to test the Edel wedges, which is in progress and if you haven't followed you really should. So why am I sticking around? I have the wedges that I am testing, I probably won't contribute on the level that most of the regulars are from a technical stand point, and I know that chances of getting back to back test opportunities are slim at best (especially considering the lack of testing opps that seem to happening). I could just walk at this point, no harm no foul. Two very distinct reasons - personal drive and social camaraderie. As for my personal drive, I an not the type of person to swoop in, get something for free, and leave. I was chosen to provide a review for the wedges, hopefully one that will be read and enjoyed for its practical content as much as its lack of technical content (though it seems from the previous entries in this thread less and less people read the reviews, which may in all honesty be a reason for less opportunities, just saying). I will do my best to provide a review that reflects how I tested and what my feelings about the product is. I know we have a template that the review is supposed to follow and I will follow it (as best I can), but I hope as well that everyone enjoys the review for what it is, a non-professional review for a high-end industry product. The social camaraderie aspect of this site is the main reason I am sticking around. I am enjoying seeing people post their round info and their best shots. I like reading people's opinions on topics that help me to work out my opinions. I like the helpfulness of everyone and how users congratulate and provide solace as needed. This site is an oasis in a desert of sites that are driven by trolls, instigators, and influencers. So keeping the core users here intact and happy should be the driving force for how to evolve the forum and drive its visibility to those not yet familiar with it. Could the forum be updated? Yes. Could the layout be changed? Yes. Should the users have more say in its content? We already do as we drive the threads, but we could have a feedback section that is more visible than the suggestion box channel that is currently in use or even a dedicated feedback focus group (much like the MODs) that provides info for changes that are in progress or that would like to be seen. As far as HQ goes, nothing we say or do here will probably be a driver for what they want to do going forward, so why even bother to bring them into the equation with regards to the forum itself. Testing is a different matter and we should all be as vocal as possible on that front. Send emails, snail mails, text messages, whatever is needed to get out the message to them about testing. Outie like Kurt Gowdy. Peace.
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