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    Outside of golf, I like to bowl, ride my mountain bike, play D&D, watch movies, and occasionally let my wife take me to see Broadway plays.

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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Weekend Golfer
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    Short Game
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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Getting back into golf after a 20 year family hiatus. Played from my teens until I family activities became my priority in my early 30s.  Then walked away until very recently at my wife's urging.  Now my golf itch is back and stronger but my game is not where it was since I am also dealing with the aftermath of a shattered elbow about 10 years ago (yes that is my elbow in my cover pic post 3rd surgery and 90% healed, but prior to the grueling rehab I had to go through and also yes it was actually submitted for official inclusion as a case study for other orthopedic specialists).



At 6'3" and about 240lbs, I am not a small guy, maybe not quite Herman big, but with my big sloping forehead I do have a resemblance.

As for the GrumpyGolf user name, I was called Grumpy by my eldest grandson when he was younger (not GrandPa) and it stuck. So now I collect Grumpy memorabilia and even have an authentic Grumpy #7 football jersey.  So, not grumpy on the course and never grumpy while playing.


Now I have a little more free time and a few coins in my pocket (that I can use for ball marking) and my wife gifted me with a set of clubs to get me back out. Now, a little bit about some shocking things I have learned since coming back into the fold. Today’s equipment is light years beyond what I was used to. The technology on the course is crazy. People are the same.  I am giving myself an 18 handicap until I can establish a new one, but I feel I will be in that range. Part of what is making it harder to get back into the game is that I shattered my left elbow and now have a different swing plane and trajectory than I had before. I used to be more of a natural fade to slice hitter, but now seem to be a draw to hook type of hitter.

Shattered and infected with MRSA, not a good time... and yes my case is actually a case study for other doctors.

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