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  1. Cut -2 Low Am: Stewart Hagestad Fingers crossed. I’m in need of new wedges and I’ve been eyeing some vokeys this year!
  2. I saw that performance pack thing not long ago and almost went for it. I think I've given up on the X1 at this point. It's fine but I think I'm stuck on ProV1x for a while. I am curious about the Xp though. Maybe we will have a forum test come up and I can get a feel for how they perform compared to the latest balls from the premium (based on cost) brands.
  3. 100% agree. I need to sign up with GHIN. The app I use to track my rounds seems to have dropped the handicap estimate feature and has not been updated in a while. If anything it was hurting me for a while since I was trying to get my swing back after an injury but recently I've been putting in some decent scores and I'd like to think I can drop my index a bit.
  4. Yeah i just caught that mistake and fixed it On my phone and didn't pay attention.
  5. Date 03/13/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 73 Course Handicap 3 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 SIM Round? Other than my driver giving me fits, it was a solid round. I just couldn't control the face well.
  6. Date 03/09/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 61 Course Handicap 0 Gross Strokes over/under par -10 Net Score to Par -10 Net Score 61 Net Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 TYPE OF ROUND SOLO SCRAMBLE I didn't think I was going to get to do the scramble but my playing lesson was cancelled due to it still being in the high 30s Saturday morning. I'm crazy so I wen to the course anyways and imagine, no one else wanted to play in the cold. With an open course I had plenty of time to take two shots on every stroke. All I'm going to say is I need a few days off from golf at this point. After this round where I basically took 100+ swings, I played another 14-15 holes with a friend, then came back out Sunday for a final 18. All this with 2 pre round buckets of range balls and 1 post round bucket on Sunday. Aside from the choices I made playing this much golf, getting an extra shot at every chip and putt (my weaknesses) really helps. Of course, it also worked out on the long clubs. Case in point - #5. . . Outside of a scramble, I'll never swing that hard with the tee placement I had and hope it stays up.
  7. Date 03/03/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 3 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par 10 Net Score 81 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 377 SIM Round? Man, somehow I knew I wouldn't hold the long drive. I tried again today with the wind and got close to my previous drive but just couldn't get anything more out of it. Great Drive @CB Lobo 4 Life, maybe I'll get you next time! Unfortunately, I blew up today. I couldn't make a putt or even hit a GIR to save my life and while I was hitting a lot of good shots, they just weren't enough.
  8. Thank you! I might be able to compete with @Javs drive this week. He's been smashing it though and doesn't use the wind as a crutch though. Assuming he's got some wind coming this week too though so we'll see.
  9. Date 02/27/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 73 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 378 SIM Round? Today's forecast - Windy AF! Basically, I had today and maybe Sunday as my only available days to play this week so I decided to brave the wind. You know, just a normal breezy day in OK where the winds are a steady 25mph I'll say today had the potential to be a spectacular round but the wind was hard to manage as usual. It was still a great round though. I was averaging around 310 total distance on drives that were not wind aided or handicapped which is good for me. I had some bombs that I took some risks on but in the end it was the easy swing on 17 that got my long drive (ever, I think). Like I said, steady 25 mph winds out of the West most of the round. There was a calm once I got to the back nine until 17. . . I'm on the tee box setting up for my drive. Start the back swing. Almost fell over trying to stop myself as the cold front came in form the North. I could barely stand but once I got my footing I swung as hard as I could and hoped it stayed straight. Not sure if I caught some cart path too but I ended up finding myself in the greenside bunker - golf's equivalent to a mile down the field. Of course, I haven't been practicing bunker shots so it came out a bit hot and left me a long putt that I missed. Still saved par but man the last 2 holes were wild. The whole round really. I'll post my #5 shots too just to show how much distance the wind was adding. I cannot - nor should I ever - hit my 9i 175 yds by the way but this was the conditions I had to work with today As for when the wind wasn't my friend. . . My shortest drive today was 225 yds total and it was smashed. The wind said gtfo on that hole.
  10. Wow I didn't even notice that! I still need to be defensive and smart though to try to make the cut.
  11. Ok pressure is on - I'm close! I gotta find time to get a round or two in this week. Hopefully, I can keep my rhythm going from my last few rounds. Good luck in the final stretch everyone!
  12. Date 02/25/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 3 Gross Strokes over/under par 4 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 327 SIM Round? Front 9 was rough but it was more of a shot selection issue rather than a shot execution issue. Throughout the round, putting was a little off. I just couldn't get my speed sorted after playing around on the slow muni greens the day before. For the most part, I sorted it out on the back nine though. Driver and irons were probably feeling the best they've ever been. I was averaging around 290 on the drives and had a few contenders for my long drive that broke 300. Like I said, irons were good too but just made some bad decisions on course that caused me to miss a lot of greens I should have hit easily.
  13. Date 02/22/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 72 Course Handicap 6 Gross Strokes over/under par 1 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 302 SIM Round? Playing pretty great lately. Yesterday was amazing weather but today (back 9) was pretty windy. I was having a lot of trouble hitting targets and my numbers. Lots of math and studying weather charts for sure. I think it was on 18 I smashed a drive about 280 with a bit of a hurting crosswind. Took my second shot with a 6i from about 180 thinking I might lose a club to the wind after getting around the corner. To my surprise, my 6i went about 150 yds and was still short of the green. Luckily, 18 is a pretty short par 5 and I had a great chip for an easy birdie putt.
  14. Date 02/18/2024 Course Name Surrey Hills Gross Score 77 Course Handicap 3 Gross Strokes over/under par 6 Net Score to Par 3 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 285 SIM Round? Not a bad round. Just didn't give myself enough opportunities.
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