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  1. If I can advise any golfer New or Old ...GET FITTED.... It makes the game so much pleasurable.... And you will save money on Buying clubs very year or 2 and you will loose a LOT less Balls $$$$ .... Play 1 Brand only which ever you choose .... Your putting will improve I guarntee that, If you depend on short game buy a good 3 pc Ball and again play ONE BRAND only.... Let suckers play with a bagfull of snakes.
  2. Been Clubmaker since 1961-I made my first Flop Wedge 63 degree 1963 everyone laughed when they saw the reaction on the greens- Made 4 more that year for friends they all gave up trying to learn how to swing it, Harder I yelled. Any how all these years and i have not seen any real improvement until this past 5-6 yrs Better forging & Metal - Going back to stronger lofts to fool Public-what about 10 yrd per club so they know they know their yardage per iron. Right this moment My Own Bag is a mix of Snake Eye Forged & Hybrids ( the best design for senior golfers ) Shafts are Light A flex for a smooth swing All my clubs have there Lofts & lie correct which I still do. If you play with forged have Lofts & Lie checked at least every 2 yrs. I still use my Orig Ping Zing Putter -My age 79 with Lots of physical swing problems Yet my short game 100 yrds in is less than 20 feet--85 yrds 15 feet and my average putts per round 29 this last five yrs//// 3 holes in 1 //// A few tropheys...A fun career
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