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  1. I would love to join. I run my own "Pick em" for the major events with a bunch of guys here are work. Makes it more fun to watch. Count me in!
  2. I've had tedonitis for decades, but I'm able to keep it at bay by wearing the elbow/forearm bands (see picture). I wear them every time I play and I'm able to play all day with no pain. Forget them for even 9 holes and I start to feel it. My pain is on the outside of the elbow and these work wonders.
  3. I get those coupons for Patriot Golf and Warrior Golf when I buy Hole in One Insurance for my tournament. I don't even give them out...they go directly in the trash as I don't want my players to get suckered into wasting their money. Much better to go on RockBottomGolf.com (where I buy most of my prizes for the tournament) and find a deal there on quality clubs.
  4. I have an Adams Golf Blue 21 deg #7 Fairway wood and love it. The perfect 190-200 club for me and the ball comes off the face really clean. I have a Titleist Tsi 3 wood and Ping Hybrid and between the three I can cover the 190-240 range.
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