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  1. The new stats are GREAT! Just what I have been asking for. Answers my earlier comment about 'strokes gained' only being available on the phone. For my tee shots I can hover over any shot and get the details: LOTS of other stats that need further investigation - and explanation! Not had a chance to go through them in depth but some are, at this stage, a bit of a mystery. Overall it is clearly a big jump in the analytics and well worth while. Big thumbs-up from me.
  2. The current golf net testing is USA/Canada only. . .
  3. This is a great instructional video. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of the furniture levellers. I can adapt you dimension to fit the mat I have. We have huge increase in lumber prices in the UK too! When I get round to this I will make it deeper/taller and make it a one-way with a ball-return.
  4. The watch strap fastening is definitely the opposite of 'normal'. It is not a 'European thing' at all. It is main thing I don't like about the watch - REALLY fiddly to put it on. Awkward. The official line from SS is that it is designed that way - the strap contains sensors/aerials and they want it as close to the tags as possible. Personally I don't buy that explanation. I don't see that having the strap fasten in the normal way would make any difference. It was either a design choice or a mistake, either way we are stuck with it. But if that is the main complaint there is little to worry about. I gave up trying to use my phone to edit rounds - way to hard. Much easier on a laptop using a mouse. The caveat is that you can't see Strokes Gained on the laptop - only on the phone. No idea why that should be the case. I will contact them and ask, then report back here. Cheers,
  5. For the price the OptiShot 2 looks great. The stats are more than adequate - Club speed / face angle / path / contact. I can hit it a long way but I need to learn to control path and face angle. I can hit balls all day long at the local driving range fitted with Trackman and not have a clue about those stats. Nice trace line on the screen - but what caused that flight?
  6. Nice clean solution. I like it. Will be re-gripping shortly so will use this hack. Cheers,
  7. Cool idea. I now need to start collecting logo balls - and making my own!
  8. Genius idea with the hinge/protractor. I managed to find a 48" steel ruler in the UK: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/302407774579?hash=item4668e87173:g:zBkAAOSwsgZdF1WZ Tad expensive at £28 though. . .
  9. Great idea. I have used heat shrink tubing for various other projects but never considered it for this! The tread has been going for several years now, does anyone have any comments to share on the longevity of the shrink wrap tubing? How well is it holding up? Any issues with it? Also, in the UK it seems difficult to get it without the printing and 16mm seems elusive too. . . Anyone in the UK found a good source for this? Cheers,
  10. Seems to me the giveaways are very USA-centric. As a newbie living in the UK I don't expect to be eligible for much - the first few I looked at were US postal addresses only.
  11. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing golf for about 10 years socially. Joined a local club in 2019. Got my first official handicap of 25.2 in August 2020. I have been working hard to get it down and as of May 2022 I am officially 15.6. Yesterday I shot 2-under my handicap normally 2-3 over. Occasionally 6-7 over. . . What do you love about golf? Forgetting about the rest of the world for a few hours. Every round is a new opportunity to improve. I am stats geek and love seeing improvement. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Found it by accident and it looks like a great resource. Always looking to learn from others. Where are you from? What is your home course? I live in a little village - Bottesford - 25 mins east of Nottingham, England. My home course is Ramsdale Park. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Unlike GodzillaGolf, above, I have plenty of courses within an hour and most are reasonably priced. The worst thing is the UK weather - completely inconsistent (like my short game). What do you do for a living? I am an independent business/training consultant specialising in Leadership Development. How’d you pick your user name? I snapped my achilles tendon in October 1999 and then again in April 2000 - whilst doing physio! I spent most of the year 2000 on crutches after having 4 operations to repair it (and fix the problems caused by the first op). (Don't get me started - it was 22 years ago and I still go on about it).
  12. Hi Guys. I am new here and this is the first channel I have viewed - mainly because I am a die-hard fan of Shot Scope. Been using it for 3 years (V2 and V3) and LOVE it. I credit much of my handicap improvement 25.2 - 15.6 to the stats and data I get off the watch. And the customer service is second to NONE. In my work I actually train people in Customer Service and I use the staff at Shot Scope as an example of the best. They have re-mapped a few courses based on my feedback and always within a day. Absolute pleasure to deal with. More so since I noticed my putting data looked 'off' and after manually mapping my putts for a couple of rounds I contacted them. They re-mapped the course which helped a little but still not right - so they offered to replace the watch for free on the basis that it was having GPS issues. Show me another company that would even think of doing that! 20 out of 10.
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