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  1. Hi all- I have too big of a gap between my 3 wood (250 yds) and AP2 716 4 iron(215 yds). I am thinking about filling it with a 5 wood or 3 hybrid or 3 iron. I’m wondering what you play between these three options and why? I know each swing has many different factors such as swing speed, swing plane, ball striking ability, etc…,just looking for some feedback on your choice and why you went with one of the three.
  2. As the title says - what are the easiest hitting most forgiving forged irons you’ve ever hit? in your experience, what is your opinion? - I know this is a very subjective question - but I’m just looking for your opinion. It can either be a completely forged iron or a hybrid forged iron where the face is forged and the body is another metal.
  3. To be honest I am not sure what the major differences are between the two models.
  4. The 223 and 225 are on my short list. I have hit the 225 a couple different extended sessions at PGA Superstore but I haven't hit the 223 yet. I plan on getting fitted soon. I hit the Callaway Rogue ST PRO, Ping i525, Taylormade P-790 alongside the Mizuno Pro 225 and the 225 felt best so far. Interesting enough, my current gamer irons are lofted the same as the 225 and I am hitting the 225 every bit of 20 yards further on the simulator. Not sure if they have the simulator cranked up or not. I haven't had a chance to him my irons on the simulator against the 225 for comparison. Has anyone found the simulators to be cranked up for distance at golf stores to give the illusion of hitting clubs further?
  5. Anyone still play the Titleist 690 CB irons? There is a set for sale locally for a couple hundred dollars. They are in good shape with Dynamic Gold Lite S300 shafts. From my research the shafts are 109 g. A little lighter than I would like for my swing speed but I am thinking about picking them up. For those that still play them or have played them in the past - please let me know your thoughts. I can’t seem to find a good picture of what these irons look like at address. Any pics anyone has would be helpful. Thanks.
  6. Just got the Puma PROADAPT ALPHACAT Disc Golf Shoes. They are super comfortable (I walk 95% of the time) and I love the disc closure system. https://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/proadapt-alphacat-disc-golf-shoes
  7. how do you like your new T100's?
  8. I’ve had problems with my feet my whole adult life. They would hurt after standing for too long throughout the day which would turn into lower back problems. Most days would end with my feet in pain and a hurting back. 4 years ago I met and became friends with a podiatrist. I shared my feet problems with him and he wanted to take a look at my barefooted walking gait. After 5-10 steps and an evaluation of my feet he recommended custom orthotics because of my high arch and gait. He explained that my high arches would collapse throughout the day because of the lack of support and then it would cause me to throw my hips forward to compensate for my collapsed arches which would throw my lower back out of alignment and came back problems. He took a casting of my foot and send off for custom orthotics. The result have literally been life changing. No more foot pain because my feet and arches are properly supported and no more back pain. I have half orthotics that fit in slimmer shoes that the original insole can’t be removed and full orthotics that have a cushion insole applied on top of them for shoes that the original insole is removable. For years I tried every cushion Insert insole on the market and had limited comfort and no long term solutions to my actual problem. I highly recommend meeting with a podiatrist and get custom orthotics made for your feet. On a side note - I walk virtually every round twice a week and I just purchased the PROADAPT ALPHACAT DISC GOLF SHOES and they are great, super comfortable and the disc closure system makes it so there are no pressure points as with traditional laces. I highly recommend them. https://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/proadapt-alphacat-disc-golf-shoes?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5rST4LiB-QIVdG5vBB1Amwe0EAQYBiABEgL-tfD_BwE
  9. I have found that adults don’t get discounts from their kids / grandkids being a member of youth on course. But my son does get discounts at many courses and it allows us to play all over the place for a full adult green fee plus usually $5. It’s a great program!
  10. Rapsodo MLR worked for me. My numbers slightly change from winter to summer. I have to keep using it throughout the year to keep accurate averages throughout my bag.
  11. If you are looking for a sun protection hat - I just got the Imperial Old Norse. I have had skin cancer 6 times and it works great at blocking the sun and the white color doesn’t show any sweat stains. It was 111 here today and it worked great. https://imperialsports.com/product/cc050-the-old-norse-cooling-sun-protection-hat/
  12. Paul J - did you test all the other models of the Pro V1 to see that the left dash went longer? Or did the left dash go longer than your previous ball you were playing ?
  13. After a 15 year hiatus from the sport I decided to buy the Rapsodo last Black Friday. It has helped tremendously because it has allowed me to know my average distances on all clubs.
  14. I have found the best free app that is lesser known is Taylormade On Course.
  15. All depends on your budget. The newer tech in clubs is enticing but a lot of lightly previously used set for a deal. It’s like cars - are you a new car or pre owned car buyer?
  16. Paul J - is there a reason you picked left dash over the others?
  17. They are so close - pick the one that gives you more confidence at address.
  18. If you play Titleist PRoV1 - do you play Pro V1, Pro V1x, Pro V1 left dash, Pro V1 left dot and why do you play that model Pro V1 over the others?
  19. MACGYVA - How do you like the Maltby heads?
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