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  1. Though I would love to put that out here, I am unable to at this time.
  2. Yes Trevor has been awesome to have on our staff. He does a lot of great trick shot shows and is apart of some big events out there.
  3. Thanks RevKev, our team of Guys out there have been very loyal and amazing to have them apart of our Brand.
  4. Hey Brotha, good to see site getting out there. I have lots of guys who order that are on here. Keep kicking butt man.... For our heat treating method, rockwell hardness, and CT performance Forged is the only way to get this. When you do and get more out of our heads as we do, its about same cost for models as cast heads are.
  5. I am certain everyone got their clubs and IF any issues were at hand we took care of them. We are always a phone call a way as well if any one wants answers. The New F6 is shipping and has been shipping since March 3rd. Pre orders for the clubs are shipped out in order of date as well. The F5 heads did have welds around the weight ports that cracked when hit off tor or heel of face. Caused too much vibration as we are Forged and not cast as other companies are. We have since took them off the F6 line and this head is amazing!
  6. Were doing out best to get our good graces back on here. We are in the the upcoming driver test and hopefully this gives more insight to how we perform.
  7. Why wait, just post it up. People want reviews from users.
  8. Yes we were supposed to kick them out but as we all know we had the big shaft issue which has been resolved and were pumping out clubs now.
  9. Wizzie, what is your name so I can check on this matter? Also, are you saying we have had your club here since March?
  10. As of now and past month we have not had any issues on orders being delayed when bought. The only shafts we are out of stock on are the Fujikura Livewire LD XX flexes. All playing lofts and shafts are full on hand. Shipping within 7-10 days. The ELEMENT head and the Formula 5 heads are the exact same, the only change is the name change the Ti symbol behind the ELEMENT logo on Sole of head. As for Pre Order Special on our emails, we have changed that, thank you for pointing that out to us. Thanks Vince
  11. For those who are not aware, Krank Golf has changed the name of its latest driver from Element to Formula 5 and will no longer be using the name element on any golf product.
  12. Hey guys.....This is Vince at Krank Golf, and were back on here getting to the points and making sure everything is caught up. I am still here at Krank Golf, and we did push posting on here a side as we had to get more things out that were on back order. We just got in our FireWire LD shafts, which are now out of stock, LiveWire shafts, which we have only limited flexes in stock, and thew FlyWire shafts, all flexes in stock. The FB posts you see are the new page we had our Web team make up for us, that merged all other Krank Golf pages together, so that was not us but our web team doing that. If you were to look at the pictures we re-posted, you would see that are from our original FB acct. Longdriver2011, can you please send me a message with your name in it and what club you had sent back to us so I can post a follow up on here for you and others to read? I have not gone back through here as just wanted to post up my response and get questions answered. I am always here by messages, emails, phone calls, live chat on the site....Thanks Vince cell: 480-282-2204 office: 480-699-5041 email: vinny@krankgolf.com live chat: www.krankgolf.com
  13. Just an FYI....as a Pre Order it was never Live on our site, only available to see and order through a link we sent to our private database or the link i had MGS put up on the launch for us. So it is still here, and will be live starting next week. Thanks Vince
  14. ARJ, here is FEDEX tracking.....799536443128 Boxed and at door waiting for pickup.
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