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  1. Bettinardi Queen B6 w/ Stability Shaft (plays 34.25”) Looking to either sell for $500 shipped or trade for a set of irons.
  2. OP here. I am a sucker for Diamana D+ shafts now. They have been such a good fit for me as far as feel and low/low combo. I also have had a couple clubs in HS with the ProLauch Blue which I loved! I had a UST AvixCore shaft in a Nike SQ Dymo at 8.5Β°. That combo went miles and cut through the north Texas wind I had to play through.
  3. SIM2 Ti 5 Wood Head* - $175 shipped SLDR 430 Head - $65 shipped 11 Golf Pride Grip Pulls - $45 shipped *can add Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 6.5 70g shaft for $35 extra
  4. Been thinking of building a budget autofkex! Dropping from 60x to 50s tipping and giving a go! Was that old Kai’li a flower band or an ion blue?
  5. Just like the title says. Your favorite driver shafts ever. Which magical unicorn shaft is your personal GOAT
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