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  1. Should golf courses have half price green fee's after green renovations have taken place? For the first week or so??
  2. I normally try to get ready 3 hrs before My round starting with a good breakfast normally yougurt muesli and blueberries, then some stretching at home then would head to course and maybe a little more stretching if required depending upon how long it takes to get to the course. Then would start with some short putts and some long lag putting maybe 15 minutes then head to range I normally hit a lot of wedges then some 8 irons, 6 irons, 4 irons, 5 woods, 3 woods, a couple of drivers, then some bunkers and short game. Then head back to putting green hit some more short to medium putts, then head to the 1st Tee. I love every opportunity I get to play a game of golf so I normally try give my self the best opportunity to play the best golf I can on that day, knowing I have done everything I can to succeed for that game. Knowing that you can only get out what you put into it.
  3. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on pre round warm-ups
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