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  1. Date 09/09/2023 Course Name Rhodes Ranch GC Gross Score 105 Course Handicap 25 Gross Strokes over/under par 34 Net Score to Par 9 Net Score 80 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 260 VCT Match Play Score This was so much fun. Highly recommend this course if you are in Las Vegas. Great service and beautiful course. I'll post some pics once I download them. Shot my best round of the year with rental clubs. Makes me wonder how much my older clubs are hampering improvements. Had 3 pars in this round and I found that I really like hybrids so I may be looking at those to add to my bag.
  2. Date 09/02/2023 Course Name Eagle Valley GC Gross Score 109 Course Handicap 25 Gross Strokes over/under par 37 Net Score to Par 12 Net Score 84 Net Birdies or better 11 Longest Drive 280 VCT Match Play Score Man what a crazy round. I couldn't hit my driver at all. Started playing iron off the tee. Only hit 3 fairways but managed to have 4 gross pars in the round. Had a 30 ft birdie put on 18 (after my one good driver) that did a 360 on the lip of the cup and came out. Lost the feel on my wedge for 2 holes then it came back. Take away the two 9's and 3 8's and I played pretty good. Regardless I was playing with 3 really great friends and that made it so much more fun! On to next week for a round in Las Vegas! Wish me luck!
  3. Date 08/27/2023 Course Name River Oaks GC Gross Score 108 Course Handicap 27 Gross Strokes over/under par 37 Net Score to Par 10 Net Score 81 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 270 First Round in about 7 weeks and I felt rusty. Front 9 was much better, I think I was getting tired on the back. Could not hit a drive straight for much of the round so a lot of scrambling. Continuing to work, let's see how next week goes.
  4. Hey Spies. Happy Saturday. Haven’t played in about 6 weeks and I am going early tomorrow morning for 18 with my son and his friend and his friends dad. Can’t wait!!. It’s been 100F here all week and our AC went out (got fixed yesterday) but it’s supposed to be sunny and upper 50’s tomorrow morning. Pretty much perfect!! Then I am playing each of the next 3 weekends so that is gonna be great. I do t get out as much as I would like so I cherish the times I do. I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll share my scores after the round!!
  5. Hey spies. Heading to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks and would like to mark Nevada off my states played list!! Any course recommendations that won’t break the bank?
  6. Good morning spies. Haven’t been posting lately. Summer has been really busy! Hope you all are well. Took my son to caddie this morning!! Drinking coffee now on the patio in the sun and 65F!! Haven’t played in a couple weeks and need to get out again soon! Hope to get out on vacation next week in Maine!!
  7. Another great contest - hope I make some good picks this time. Last Major of the season so we will see! Cut Line: -1 Highest score: 79
  8. Range on Sunday then 18 on Monday!! Hope to beat my son but he’s been out a lot more than me and is really starting to stripe it. If he could putt he’d be dangerous. How about you?
  9. I couldn't agree more. And they don't teach that to the young kids because you can't teach that in a simulator. Course management has been my biggest focus recently and I am seeing better scores because of it, that I am certain. My son is struggling with this a bit and I am trying to teach him but for him its all about distance.
  10. Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope everyone's week is starting off great. I played with my son yesterday in a Parent/Child 2 person scramble tournament - we had a great time. Shot an 82 (+10) which I thought was great for us. Winning score on course 1 was -8 and course 2 was -7. (288 golfers...it was crazy) Today I am playing a fundraiser 4-person scramble for work! A little stiff today but that will work itself out! Have a great day everyone!
  11. Hey Spies, good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! Been looking forward to this weekend for a while! Yesterday was my wife's birthday and we are celebrating tomorrow at her parents for a pool party! Sunday is a Parent-Kid 2 person scramble tournament with my son and we are paired with good friends of ours! Can't wait!! Then Monday I am playing in a fundraiser 4 person scramble for work! I also won a free round of golf for 4 people at the course down the street from my house so I am planning that for later this summer. Haven't had much time to play or practice lately so I hope I don't suck in these tournaments but its all for fun!!
  12. Can I get a round of 16/18 holes count towards the 5 rounds??
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