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  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to the reviews and feedback!
  2. The one I usually go to (in northern-ish Virginia), is a 300yd range. Buckets are $13 for small, $16.25 for medium, $22.50 for large. Mat only hitting but they are in decent condition mostly. Balls are stamped with driving range name so not sure of actual brand / manufacturer. Biggest downside not being able to practice taking divots or drive from a normal tee, the rubber tees are shorter than I usually use on the course. Many ranges around here are just nets so you have no real idea of flight path or distance so it’s worth the cost to be able to hit at a real range periodically. I don’t hit 300yds but I can hit more than 10ft (usually lol). One par 3 I played I got a bucket to warm up and it was literally wiffle balls! I just left them by the range for someone else to use if they wanted lol.
  3. No idea where to post this, if I can at all… but the Gray colored Shot Scope PRO LX+ (this is the kit MGS is having people do the testing on, and includes the new H4 as well as their laser range finder), for only $289!!! I have no connection to the company or anything else, and do not make any money or benefit in any way if you buy it, but it’s been in my Amazon cart for a while now and the price is the best it’s ever been (usually $350) It won’t let me post a link but if you search Amazon for it, the gray one should show for $289.99 with free shipping!
  4. oh yikes! Did it start ok and maybe get dropped or something that could affect it like that? That's not even ballpark!
  5. Definitely SE hahaha! My parents used to live in Newport News, and I used to visit them down there pretty often. Ever play the "Hamptons" golf course, or do you tend to stick to nicer/private club type of courses? The Hamptons one isn't in great condition I didn't think, but it was priced well and still good enough for me to enjoy at my skill level. I struggle with consistently hitting straight and judging distances, so condition of the course isn't really going to affect my game too much one way or another at my level hahaha. Where do you usually play?
  6. Of course! I promise it's nothing like TV or movies, hahaha. It's a good job though, and I enjoy helping others. I used to be in NOVA but have steadily been moving further and further south as my need for a larger home has changed due to my growing family. I'm about 1:15 from DC (with no / light traffic), and 45mins north of Richmond. Just moved down here about a year ago, and love it so far!
  7. Everything I was going to recommend is already posted, but I'll add my own experience... Almost all my irons were going about the same distance at one point, and it was because of how I was addressing the ball and holding the club. Once I adjusted my grip at address, my distances spread back out again. Not quite to 10yds each like they were when I played several times a week, but at least I'm not hitting a 3h and 9i the same anymore
  8. I saw the same email and immediately thought of "Warrior" from years ago. Seems that others had the same thought. There wasn't really anything I could find with a google search about them that wasn't either negative, or read like an advertisement on a supposed blog. It's frustrating that companies like these still exist and take advantage of people legitimately trying to get into an expensive sport, and capitalize on that at the cost of new players.
  9. How far off does it seem to be? I was looking at that one as a possible budget option a little while back, and while I've got my eye on a different setup now (Shot Scope ProLX+ combo), I may have to settle for the H4 and a cheaper range finder depending on how the budget is looking. I notice the app on my phone is within 10 yards or so of the fairway markers, which is close enough for me but could obviously be an issue for better golfers...
  10. Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm not new to golf, but if you watch me play you might think so! I live in Virginia and enjoy playing as much as I can, and am looking forward to my kids getting old enough to take them along on my golf adventures! Here's some basics about me, for anyone interested: How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? - My dad got me some garage sale clubs and started letting me tag along with him as a teen, probably 25 years or so ago. I'm not very good and don't have an official handicap, but I score a lot of 8's, and am excited to get a bogey. I've birdied a couple of par 3's and a par 4 before though, which may not sound like much but for me it was exciting! What do you love about golf? - Being outside and in nature, the challenge, hitting a good shot after a terrible one. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? - When searching for reviews for a range finder I've been saving up for. I've been lurking for a while and never made an account or posted until now though. I don't know if I know any other spies or not, but not that I know of. Where are you from? What is your home course? - I'm currently living in Virginia, and don't really have a "home" course, I play whatever / wherever I can at the time. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? - When the weather is nice, it's REALLY nice, but when it's humid, it's awful! So I guess weather is both the best and worst thing about golf around here hahaha What do you do for a living? - Firefighter / Paramedic How’d you pick your user name? - Old gamertag from years ago, based on nicknames an old boss gave me and a coworker. Happy to be here, sorry this is so long! Hope you have a great day and a good round of golf next time you play!
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