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  1. All I heard was whatever golf clubs you want.... as you try and explain the $5000 new bag. Also as a huge proponent of Cleveland cbx wedges for most amateurs, i play them myself. I highly recommend considering the CBX full face 2 in 56 and 60 instead of CBX 4.
  2. 2v2 Scramble today. 2nd hole hit a near perfect drive cutting the corner on a slight dog leg left. Partner is a notorious hooker(sorry I couldn't resist) and had a case of the rights today. 2nd shot into a tucked green surrounded by waterfall and stream down the leftside and cutting across the front, leading into a lake that goes up the front right on the green. Front flag with not much room for error. Partner shanks a wedge into the lake. My 2nd shot comes up short and although it barely cleared the mouth of the stream, it rolled back into the water. We drop where my ball last crossed in some light rough at the end of the fairway. We are about 40 yards from a front flag and have to clear the stream and weeds, with limited landing space between the front of the green and the pin. Partner hits a ok shot and puts us maybe 15ft away for a decent putt. Did my normal routine for chipping and tried to get a feel of the turf inaction. Clipped it clean with perfect feel and saw it was headed straight at the flag. While in the air, I heard the other team who was on the green say that looks good as it came down. "Click". Slam dunk. Straight into the hole between the front of the cup and pin. Pin didn't even move. I was in shock for a moment because I saw it come down but when the ball just disappeared I froze. My partners cheering snapped me out of it. Other team was just as thrilled. We have seen hole outs but never a such a clean dunk. Long hole out of my life. The scorecard reads par but how we got there made it even sweeter. FIR, 2nd shots into water, drop and chip in, no putts. Shot of the day and shot of my life.
  3. Well I went with it and it looks pretty good! Golf gods gave me mixed signals though! Slam dunked a chip over water, nothing but bottom of the cup, flag stick didnt even move from 40yd out. Craziest shot ive ever made, on the 2nd hole. BUT we lost the scramble with the driver getting a little squirlly the last 4 holes.
  4. I used to get boxes of Callaway CS X LS tru track for a ridiculous price until they stopped making them! I switched over to Srixon Z-Stars & the XVs which I get personalized for a even more ridiculous price. I don't have to hunt for lost balls or bargain shop anymore. Between mainly Srixon with some Callaway and Titleist, I got atleast 12 plus boxes of balls now.
  5. LoL I did the same thing. I played Bridgestone balls for my first couple of years of playing. They make a great ball. If I could get them cheaper I would probably still be playing them.
  6. Well there's money on this one. 2v2 scramble every spring and summer, best of 5 rounds. So need to come out the gate strong. No irons and wedges were put into the bag last may when they came out. Only driver and 2 hybrids, all of which are just upgrades over previous models. Bag is set and probably not going to change for a while. We'll until one of my reps gives me something too good to pass up.
  7. We shall find out tomorrow, when I put everything into play. Lucky it's a scramble so my partner can carry us if the golf gods take issue with me.
  8. Cough... late summer... cough... New driver... cough Not 10k.
  9. Sometimes it is that easy. Find your line, commit, and shoot your shot.
  10. Ok all these headcover pics and questions reminded me I have an issue, although a lame one. Was given this Limited Edition Team Srixon Blackout headcover since I play Srixon irons and balls. Do I dare distrub the golf gods and put it on my Ping 10k driver while on the course? Stupid I know, but I'm the type that still believes you don't talk about a no hitter while it's happening.
  11. I actually posted this review back in February in the original 10K release thread. Wanted to just put it in the review section and offer and update 2 months later. "So I actually spent a few hrs over 3 days testing out all of the new drivers before they came out. I put them up against my current gamer, g425 max, and their previous generations (i.e. paradym vs paradym a.i. smoke etc) Generally the new models were just as good or better. The biggest difference though, far and away was the g430 max 10k over the g430 max and LST models. I did use the Chrome Tour2.0 65 S shaft for all the ping drivers and i play the previous generation shaft on my g425. All heads 9° for ping. Launch angle was up for the 10k vs the 425. But spin was way down compared to both the 425 and 430 max models. Carry and overall distance were up. Only the LST came close but not nearly as consistent. Shot shape was straight or slight draw. The couple of shots right we pushes that still wanted to be dead straight. Overall dispersion was noticeably tighter with the 10k. It felt very stable and easy to swing. Ball was hot coming off the face. The sound was a loud crack, but still and improvement over the 425 sound. The overall shape still framed the ball nicely at address and the shallower face almost felt easier to find the middle. Ball speeds sat around 136-139 but i didnt really get after it. Average carry sat around 232y and overall at 256y. Spin was 2400 and launch angle was high, almost 17*. I already hit a high ball with launch between 15.5 and 17 but the 10k didn't ballon up at all. Average peak height was 94ft. I did notice i had 2 shots that dipped to about 1920 and 1875 rpm on backspin, which would be unheard of on my g425. The 10k seems to be a max version of the LST. I am sure for some, they won't see much of a difference between the 2. But if you are playing the 425 still, this is the model you need to start with when you are looking for a replacement." April Update After about a half dozen rounds with the 10k, the results are as advertised. Straighter, longer, lower spin, more accurate. All the above. Looking at my numbers from my last 10rds with the g425, I was averaging about 233y total and 41% fairways hits. So far the 10k is averaging 241y total and 50% fairways hit. Also most of the misses after just off the fairways. Only 2 balls lost off the tee and that's obviously more the player than the club. I am just an average mid high handicapper who struggles off the tee. So if you are like me, there is a hope and a possible solution out there.
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