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  1. I use the 4yards more plastic T's. For 2 reasons, first for the step so I consistently get the same height and secondly they last forever. Usually only need to get out a new one of after I hit the T shot, I can't find it or I happen to leave it in the ground and go chasing the ball . I don't buy into the 4 yrds more but I do get more consistent hits. Before I started using them I would get balloon hits or worm burners on a regular basis.
  2. Handy

    Taylormade TP5

    A important thing is using same ball so you get use to its tendency and learn to adjust in how to stroke the putt. I use the OnCore Elixer and can get it for $24 a dozen. I get straight shots and very little wind effects.
  3. Thanks everardo, I like ping so might have to scope it out.
  4. Some more great suggestions, fix u r divot you might have identified the virus I have short-itis. I have had my share of scalding the ball across the green because of not getting under it to flop on the greens. So that makes me slow down the swing in hopes of not hitting past the green and try chipping back again. Thanks Bang60 I will try find that vedio.
  5. Some great suggestions TexasFullsend and Freemars on setting up a system and learn on range how each swing alignment with head /chest /waist and with different clubs at those positions play out. Agwinup you are right about consistently hitting the ball, but I think now it was because of how my stance and not putting weight on leading foot. Also as what TexasFullsend said I would have a tendency to slow my swing down especially on say 5 - 10 yrd chips being afraid of scalding the ball across the green and having to chip back on from the other side. That usually ended up with a chunk.
  6. Update on my chipping. While I am still a long ways from being a pro, I am making progress with having more successful chips than not. This because of the many helpful tips and links to vedios that were posted on this forum. I need to continue practicing and learn how to swing with different clubs from different lies but I am starting to get some confidence as to how to attempt different situations.
  7. Check out the OnCore either the Vero1 or the 2022 Elixer. The Elixer is around the 90 compression. The new Elixer gives me a more consistent despersion, distance and spin onto green. You can get buy 2 get one right now. If you are a veteran you can get 20%discount. I do get few more yard with Vero1 but for the price and tour quality of the Elixer I use it.
  8. I love the Elixer ball have gotten more consistent in despersion and distance. Great in the wind also.
  9. Thanks shinnman and TitleistMike, definitely going to have to make some notes. I know I have not put more weight on lead foot. I like the idea of practice of swing at 5, 4, and 3 o'clock to know with confidence how far it will go. Will need to do this for tall grass situation and Fairway. I I assume on a Fairway situation the low projectory would be best, like a bump and run?
  10. Thanks everyone for the stellar recomdations and the links to instructions. Every one brings in some different aspect to look how to set up, swing the grip through to the left and how different stance positions affected high or low hits. It looks like my use of a 9 iron was not out of the realm of using but I definitely need to practice the different stance positions, weight on front foot and use mostly upper body to help swing thru. I will need to make some notes from each video and then go practice. I did play 9 today and start using my pitch wedge and sand wedge and was getting better results already, but not consistently so to the practice range or local golf course and practice chipping using your suggestions.
  11. Thanks Golff2much for the details of how you do it. Also thanks cnosil for the link to a video on different ways to low or high. Per that instructions I think I might be putting to much motion and swing into my attempts. I failed to mention in my first post that the course I play most on due to being on a league, has the grass fairly long like 3-4 inches around the greens except for a narrow front approach. So I fight that grass high % of time.
  12. I struggle with my chipping. More often than not I come up short. I might get just on the greens or up to the edge. When I try taking a bigger swing quite often I will send it over the greens. I use a 9 iron because I get the best results with it but as said I cone up short. So any tips on how to play chipping, like ball placement, stance- how far apart feet, best club /iron to use, club angle - handle leaning toward the target?? I know I probably just have to spend the money and get lessons for chipping but any suggestions for now would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Handy

    Urethane or not?

    I agree with GregGamer, I inherently fight the slice. I have started using the new Elixer and my fades have reduced drastically. I still get a few slice but it is only going to the right side of the Fairway and not into the other Fairway. Cost $29 here in USA. I am finding the correct Fairway on a regular basis now.
  14. I have tried different brands, and I have become a true beliver in the OnCore Elixer and Vero1. I have in play the Elixer 2022 and I have gotten great results. I get a few more yards with the Vero1 but being a veteran I get 20%discount so on the Elixer i get for around $25, and being a 3 piece urethane cover it has given me a straighter ball flight and chucks up on the green. My swing speed is around 110 and get around 215-220 off the T
  15. I play on a league that starts around 6 pm and the majority of Fairway run east and west so you get a lot of bright sun low in the sky. Very hard to track the ball so I am looking to buy sunglasses that will help looking into the sun. First question is what is best color lens for this? Is self darkening a good option?
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