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  1. As much as I would like to see them both play again, it really wont affect me either way. I do not feel i will show support for the new tour.
  2. I used to play the super stroke 3.0 which i did like, but the pistol style that came on my ping sigma feels like i have more control of the face, especially on short putts. The other day at our new PGA super store i felt a grip from cleveland with a ridge that runs through the creases of your fingers that felt amazing. I may do away with the adjustable feature of the ping and install this grip.
  3. This will be undergoing some major changes soon! Tour exotics es driver hazardous smoke stiff Taylormade m6 5 wood hazardous smoke stiff Taylormade gapr 3 mid stiff P790 project x 6.0 with mcc+4 grips Cleveland rtx 4 wedges 50,54,58 Ping sigma 2 answer Looking at the haywood signature series irons, the cleveland hy-wood, and maybe switching to a mallet putter but up in the air on that.
  4. Driver - tour edge exotics ES 5 wood- taylormade m6 Driving iron/hybrid - taylormade gapr 3 mid Irons- 2017 p790 project x lz 6.0 mcc+4 Wedges- cleveland rtx 4 50,54,58 Ping sigma 2 answer Titleist avx
  5. Great info everyone! I was wondering how these played. This just moved them up the list!
  6. Wow! Never seen it before but looks hard as hell to hit lol
  7. I also buy a lot of clubs this way, it looks great I agree you have nothing to worry about. Have fun with that stick!
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