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  1. I remember hearing the ball in the cup at the LIV event and thinking it was a sound board some intern had to be quick to hit! Turns out it was a cup mic. (Fox used it on their broadcasts of the PGA apparently) LIV Golf Aims To Take Golf Audio on a Really Long Drive - winnquick.com
  2. Yeah, I delved into a little hyperbole myself there- I was just frustrated at the way the players, mainly Mickelson were treated at the US Open. It's weird, I never was a fan of his, but the over-the-top berating of him- by the Golf channel in particular got my ire up. I know that the moral argument is important and genuinely held by people. No disrespect to their views on LIV was intended.
  3. I'm still curious about the team format- do they plan to have some sort of continuity event to event? It's hard to take the teams (not to mention team names) seriously if there's no explanation of where this is all going. If it's just like our local club weekly blind draws, then what's the point of captains and names? If it will be some kind of season long format- it'd be good to know.
  4. Trying to stay out of the politics here: Asking LIV players about the atrocities is a rhetorical attempt to tie the player to the acts themselves. The player has already made their choice and (however weakly) explained the choice, so the questions aren't meant to persuade or inform- only to assert moral superiority by connecting the decision to Saudi actions.
  5. I'm always forced to enjoying "caddying" for my wife when we play, so I'm never at the green before she's on
  6. I think it's bad form- ready golf really implies that you don't worry about who's farthest from the hole for approach shot or who has honors on the tee, but it never involves being in someone else's line of play. The green is in everyone's line of play, so to putt before anyone else is on is a bit rude and certainly dangerous. As for the skins- hopefully you're playing net. If not, insist on it.
  7. I agree with that and also wish those against LIV wouldn't equate the players who went there to everything bad that any Saudi citizen has ever done. That strong handed tactic moved me from being neutral / leaning toward the PGA on the topic to actively hoping that LIV produces some good golf content.
  8. I can't seem to part with any putter- they all find their way back on the course at varying times with varying success. My old Nubbins went in the bag a few years ago during a SPIDR grip change and held the starting position for a whole season. It still goes on many of my golf trips- as a kind of security blanket in case my current putter gets any ideas that it's not replaceable!
  9. Got a Tour edge CABL-1 Putter a few weeks ago. It's a little weird, it's got a big blade head with the weight of a mallet. It's kind of a blallet? The aim lines are cool, there are a bunch so I can intentionally hit it closer to the toe and still be lined up (I do that with weighty putters sometimes). it has a 38" shaft with a pistol type grip- I like that you can either use the extra length as a counterbalance or putt more upright (easier on the lower back). It came with about 3° of toe hang, so you have to work to pull a putt! It rolls nice and I've played it on fast Bermuda and slow Bent grasses with pretty much equal success (although with its weight- it seems tuned to slower greens). I'm averaging under 2 putts per hole so far with it and drained at least a couple 15- 20 foot birdies per round. At $99 it's been a great buy.
  10. Interesting, but nothing we haven't heard before. At least he doesn't appear to have the vitriol that the Golf Channel expresses regularly. I feel like in their case- the way they're portraying LIV is hurting golf more than LIV itself is hurting golf.
  11. Congratulations! Hope you have fun and do well. Most of the advice is stuff you probably do anyway- but the thing that helps me in medal play is to not focus on what scores my playing partners are taking on holes. Being in tournament conditions can be overwhelming- with everything going on. We have a multi-day, multi- club competition every year that we have to qualify for, so in total it's about 7 rounds of USGA golf. I always have to convince myself of this because of the temptation to keep track of where I am- but what any other player does has nothing to do with your score. And any one hole has little to do with the outcome- so stay true to your game, keep within your routines and allow yourself a few errors. Being in tournament conditions will help you be ready for them going forward- it gets easier. Ignore this if your normal routine is to be involved with what other players do- there are players that thrive on that. Oh- and practice 3 to 5 foot putts until you can't stand it anymore! Being confident in that range will really come in handy when people are watching,
  12. Or the ever reliable "Nice lag" when someone leaves a 5 footer short. A couple I remember from the old Golf Illustrated Magazine: "Most long putts are really situations that must be grasped" or even better "Puttin' makes asses o a'" (Scottish caddie)
  13. 2 Rounds this weekend. I played the senior tees with a couple of friends Saturday evening. It was fun adjusting to the different angles for the drives and approach shots. I spent a lot of time saying things like "I can take on that corner from here" or "that tree cuts off the line I would take from the regular tees". Had fun, shot 74 (+2) Played the regular tees on Sunday morning- the driver was giving me trouble today. Not too bad, but I'll have to give it a talking to on the range to get it back in line. Irons and putter were okay.. things are getting closer with the swing change I made earlier this year and I'm getting used to the distances. Stats: 11 pars, 1 bogey, 3 doubles (crap), 3 birdies (yay), 1 lost ball, 1 bet won, 3 bets tied (crap), 76 strokes. Looking forward to some evening golf for the next couple of weeks- I always try to take advantage of the extra sun, the days will be getting shorter very soon.
  14. I enjoyed what I saw of it. Shwartzel was definitely playing better than anyone and deserved the win. One thing has been nagging me a bit- with a field of 48 do they boot the underperforming players to make room for Dechambeau, Reed and Perez? Honestly, that would make it a bit more interesting for me. Sure you're guaranteed $120k for being in the field, but you're not guaranteed a spot next time. There's a bit of drama if Koepka or Na gave up tour status for 1x checks....
  15. Day1 highlights- Looked like golf to me.
  16. I've always thought that the Ryder Cup loser should have to play the President's cup. Americans would play harder in the Ryder to avoid a yearly commitment and we'd get the ...ahem.. ever so interesting Europe v World Team matches we've all been ...ahem... waiting for. Fixing the PGA: Speed it up! I want to see a shot clock on the marker's placard with increasing penalties for infraction (doesn't need to be strokes, can be money)
  17. With you there, the Golf Channel has lost their minds over LIV, not even attempting to hide their disgust. If I was inclined to be anti- LIV, the way they are covering it makes want to see just what the "charlatans" and "con artists" are up to over at LIV.
  18. First, I would hit off the mat and into the net- things could get tricky the other way I've been doing it for about 8 months indoors and found it to be very beneficial. I converted the entertainment room the kids used after they got to college. Using it inspired me to fine tune and implement a swing change that has really helped my ball striking. Just being able to consistently put the club face on the ball is something I wouldn't have been able to achieve without a lot of range time. Also, the reps have helped my stamina on the course. Having it a few steps away from my office has helped me blow off a little steam or meditate during the workday. It's also a great way to warm up before heading to the course. I've found that it's a good idea to get to the range once a week or so to make sure you aren't engraining bad habits into your swing- like a late fade or draw that you'd have no way of noticing hitting into a net. Another thing to watch for is not overdoing it, like any other drill you want to have a purpose when you practice. I haven't added a simulator or tracker yet- but that will probably be something I'll get when the time/ price is right.
  19. I post ALL eligible scores. Having said that, I'm eager to post the bad rounds. The good ones... I have to recheck the math to make sure it's right first. You can't rush accuracy.
  20. What a great win for Horschel- the eagle on 15 was beyond clutch. Seeing him enjoy it a little coming up 18 was really cool. The family's reaction was the best I've seen in a long time.
  21. Only got in 1 round this weekend- was striking the ball well and had some good stats. 12 GIR (15 if I count fringes) 11 Fairways hit 30 putts (33 if I count the fringes) 0 lost balls Score- 75 Won 4 bets, tied 1 Walked 7.72 miles Most importantly, enjoyed some great weather with a really good foursome. Can't wait for it to all go wrong next time!
  22. I'm exactly the opposite, when I travel West for summer golf, I wish someone would put some water in the air.
  23. Right- they're mum on who saw the (i'm guessing) Instagram post: 'Rintoul officials made the discovery after someone sent the information to a member of the rules committee, though he declined to say who, only saying it was “another person in the golf industry.” '
  24. Social media strikes again! "Our committee became aware through some pictures that were posted that there may be a substance that has been painted on the face of one of Hideki's clubs," Rintoul explained. "And we approached Hideki and went through the process. Hideki, are you carrying this club? Yes. Have you used this club? Because if he hasn't used the club, it's okay to carry a nonconforming club, you just can't use it. Have you used this club? Well, the poor guy has played one hole, and he managed to use it off the first tee.
  25. I liked the Hogan example in Kwon's video as a visualization. The club head stays on plane- doesn't much matter how you achieve it. If I worry about where the shaft is I'm just asking for trouble.
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