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  1. Where might one find this test? Thanks in advance.
  2. Understood. The R9 appeals to me because it allows for path direction changes to the right, which the Rogue does not. Yea, he is a good friend. He was given the R9 by a relative who used it for several years before, so he has zero $ invested in it which is why he lets the geezer hit it a bit. I do have an older 3 wood (titanium face) that I do well with off low tees, but I tend to lose quite a bit of distance vs the Rogue. I have an old Loco solid titanium head driver that has had several crown strikes over the last year that I have owned it and probably dozens before I got it, with no damage at all other than some scuffs in the paint. It was pretty ugly already when I bought it last spring for a whopping $15, so no big deal. I can hit my friends R9 better and further than the Loco or the Rogue, thus the desire to have my own. It will be interesting to see how the R9 works. I found some good buys on used R15s, but some of my reading seems to indicate that the R9 might be the more forgiving of the two. One nice thing about buying older models is that there isn't much money involved so I can try various stuff to see what works for me. At my age with my propensity to crown strikes and a fairly slow swing speed, I doubt I will ever consider a carbon fiber crowned driver again unless it is a hand me down like the Roque was.
  3. Thanks for that tip chisag ! I have a Tour Edge lefty that I did well with when I was trying to decide if I wanted to drive left handed for a while. Indeed it was never damaged other than scuff marks, by hitting the top. ( I am ambidextrous ). After some more reading today, I am leaning towards the R9 Supertri to replace this Callaway Rogue, as it seems to offer the most available adjustment to the right, fairly "forgiving", plus the cost is quite low - under $70 to $90 for a serviceable club, and I know I can hit it well. I tend to hit left most of the time when I golf right handed - even more left when I don't do well with my swing, and the Callaway has no adjustment to the right. The Supertri has quite a bit of right adjustment, but you lose loft. So - I am thinking an R9 Supertri with 11.5 factory loft or even more, though I have only seen 11.5 as the highest, would give me the most tuning to the right without ending up with too low of a loft. If I end up liking it, I might get one in better condition and give the more battle worn driver to my grandson with the shaft shortened to fit him.
  4. Thanks storm319 ! I will see what I can find in a used head. ----------------------- After quite a bit of searching I still have not determined 100% if the crown of the R9 is made of titanium or of carbon fiber. I know I will do well with the R9, but don't want it if the crown is carbon fiber. I am assuming it is not carbon since there is no mention of it in any reviews or specs I have found so far. One would think they would be touting the carbon if it was. I am also interested in knowing all the Taylormade produced drivers with all titanium construction and their adjustable hosel setup if someone knows that info.
  5. Thanks for the advice on lessons, but for now I am just looking to find a solid titanium driver head, preferably from Callaway with an adjustable hosel that is at least equal to the Taylormade R9 and priced on ebay between $50 and $100.
  6. The ball is hitting the very top edge of the face and making contact with the non metal portion of the crown. I tee the ball pretty high to get the results I need with my flawed swing and if the club goes too low in the swing the crown strike happens. Actually a pretty common occurrence from what I have seen looking at other peoples drivers, evidenced by the ball strike marks on the crown. My son in law who has an excellent swing, has zero marks on the crown of his driver. Of course fixing the swing would be the way to go, but for now I need that tall tee position. My older, solid titanium heads have held up really well with many crown strikes. It is just the glued on carbon fiber crowns that break.
  7. I tend to destroy composite crown drivers due to ball strikes that eventually crack the crown. The crown on my Callaway Rogue Sub Zero cracked loose after about 2 months last year. I glued it back with some 5800 psi rated epoxy and it is holding, but at my age, pushing 70, I don't see the crown strikes going away, so I am considering going with a used, titanium crown driver this year. I tried a friends Tailormade Supertri R9 and hit it as well as the Rogue, so I am confident that would work for me and plan to snag one off ebay but am interested in trying something else as well. What I am hoping is that some of you folks who really know the various brands and models could give me some suggestions on what to look for in an all titanium driver with an adjustable hosel, that would perform as well as the R9 and won't cost more than $100 used. I have three different Callaway shafts, and like how their adjustments work, so that might be a good option as well as an R9 which I know I would like. Any other brands / models to look at? Thanks in advance!
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