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  1. I don't see a big difference between the "quality balls" but I do see it between those balls and "value" balls. I usually play ProV1 or Srixon Zstar diamond. I haven't found a big difference with those when I am out, they both have a good feel and the spin rates off the tee and on approach fit my game well. I think for me it is more about feel and sound, I prefer a softer feel and sound. I've tried some other like balls e.g. Callaway chrome soft, Vice pro tour plus, Bridgestone, Taylor made and my preference is still the ProV1 or Zstar diamond
  2. Just 1 for me. Carrying 14 PXG clubs Prototype driver, 3 wood and 19 Hybrid 4-PW gen3 tour irons 50,54,58 degree forged wedges Gunboat putter. I love these clubs!!
  3. 4 years is a LONG time on a wedge especially a lot of use in bunkers. Callaway MD5 or Cleveland RTX would be great replacements. Regrinding grooves can be an issue with tournament play. Good luck
  4. 1-Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie - 50 degree 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie - Putter 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough - 54 degree or 58 degree 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough - open face 58 degree 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green - 54 degree 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided - 58 degree 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green - depending how long, anywhere from 50 degree or 54 degree 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided - 54 degree 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway - 54 degree or 58 degree depends on the fall and receptiveness of the green 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough - same as above
  5. I try and utilize the same swing mechanics for any shot I am going at less than about 2/3 swing. Especially on chipping pitching from around 50 yards I want to be able to use my 9 iron through lob wedge. Narrow stance no wider than just inside my shoulder line, quiet arms ( a little break is ok), quiet wrists and no lower body movement like putting. Knowing where you stop your backswing helps gauge the distance and replication efforts. I don’t play the ball anywhere but middle to just forward of middle in my stance. Playing the ball behind center can lead to traps and delofted contact lowering your trajectory and running over the green. Especially if you are trying to get more spin on the ball you want to use the intended loft on the club of choice.
  6. Short answer yes.... But I think unfortunately it goes well past golf. I love using my electronics but I also try and guesstimate my numbers before I look that them, trying to keep myself able to see and feel what my great shot scope provides Happy golfing
  7. I would go the Srixon route. AD ball is great, I just played Carnoustie with them a few weeks ago and they held up really well. I got good hold with the ball into and with the wind. I am with you 50$/doz. Is too much for ball’s especially if you can drop a few in a round.
  8. New to the Forum, Hello All How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been playing for about 20 years now, I am currently around 5-7 handicap What do you love about golf? Getting outside, being able to think and put my OCD to good use, meeting new people. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been an avid reader of the forum, thought it was a good time to join, I do not know any other spies...yet! Where are you from? What is your home course? Northern California Santa Cruz/Monterey area. There are about 8 courses I play regularly on a rotation, I get in 2 to 3 rounds a week. Favorite course is PG links in pacific grove. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? B: variety of courses and general good weather I can usually get dry golf 10-11 months a year. W: expensive green fees and most courses do not marshall well or at all so playing in the afternoon or mid morning on the weekends is painful 5+ hour rounds. What do you do for a living? Stats and Analytics for a Vitamin/Supplement company How’d you pick your user name? Use it throughout the interwebs Avid links golfer, liked it and only with golf related forums...Do not believe in social media FB,TWTR,etc... I spend my spare time playing golf
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