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  1. They are huge, huge card killers, because I don't have many eagle offsets anymore.
  2. Nice pace, I like it. About the same here, did 1 hour 20 minutes going out the other day and had the same pace coming in until running into a group of snails.
  3. Rickie's standing starting to look more like a good tour journeyman, like a Bill Glasson or Joey Sindelar, to me.
  4. My dermatologist would usually mention skin protection on just about every visit and said the wide brim was better than regular baseball style hats. Skin cancer is such a prevalent topic in today's world but he said the topic is not something new and suggested I look up old photos of American railroad workers. It was an eye opener.
  5. I would like to look at that, what site, or link?
  6. I used solvents for years but it was becoming not too swift for my lungs. Now I use rubber cement and 2 inch masking tape- since the grips I use are rubber too the stick is great, even for the higher torque clubs. It's not much messier than solvents but adhering is not an issue. I got the idea from a gallon of 'Grip-Loc' from the Orlando golf show about 20 years ago and after analyzing the contents concluded it was rubber cement.
  7. Last time I played with my wife I played her tees too and had an absolute riot. The game didn't really change, I still had to make shots, I still had to make putts, only the yardage changed. Screw pride, accept the challenge. Good luck with your lessons!
  8. My tomato juice and golf shoes are always spiked.
  9. Didn't know this about bucket hats. Playing the other day in very high winds the hat kept flying off, it acted like a beach umbrella doing a Flying Nun routine. Took a regular hat the next day just in case.
  10. The Oregon event will be a must see for me as crowds drive the mule. LIV is pulling some of the right levers though by taking care of a player's caddie event expenses. I mean open bars at a hotel reserved for caddies only to abuse their livers after rounds come on, the word will spread, a monsoon is approaching.
  11. Rory firing off a hidden volley toward an old shark, break out the Brown Bess' boys, the war has begun.
  12. My take today was J. Monahan's words at the Canuck Open suggested confidence with PGA's approach but his affect, at times, suggested some concerns about LIV as a competitor.
  13. I'm not impressed so far, especially the gimmicky leader board, so for now it's a toss up between LIV and roller derby reruns.
  14. Know very little about LIV, but I like the idea of shotgun starts for the entire field. Will probably check it out a little to get more informed on it.
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