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  1. I recently purchased a PXG Gen5 0311 driver. I was pushing my shots during the fitting, which is what I’ve been fighting with my Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero. PXG fitter increased loft to close the face and set heavy weights heel side which helped just a little. Purchased the driver knowing PXG has a 60 day return policy. Got the driver and worked with all settings and was surprised by the outcome as it goes against conventional wisdom. With loft set to standard and weight in the toe I started hitting more consistently on the face with straight shots and small draws. This setup allows me to feel the clubhead throughout the swing and the heavier toe seems to help timing and with turning the club face over. It’s a feeling like swinging a weight at the end of a string. I think this is a result of previously fighting a pull/hook. During the PXG fitting I noticed that around impact my lead hand would clench and my arm path would swing out leaving the clubface open but square to the path, resulting in a push. I think with heel weighting my mind/body senses the toe turning over too quickly and tries to prevent a shot going left (pull or hook). Has anybody had a similar experience?
  2. Which would you choose? #1 Indoor Trackman fitting using my gamer golf ball. #2 Outdoor (on grass) GC Quad fitting using practice/range balls. Thanks for your input. Michael
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