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  1. Did you ever receive a refund? What did the cc provider do for you? My experience is exactly the same as yours. I received an email from the Texas Golf Association last November that featured one of their “partners” Patriot Golf. I had been looking for a 5 wood. Patriot Golf was using a legitimate medium to market their product and using the “American Veterans owned and operated” slogan. What did I have to lose. Seriously I read about this fairly new Veteran established golf business and thought I’d give it a try. Admittedly I was highly doubtful they could compete with the big money established golf industry and technology. I didn’t, however, think I was contributing to a scam. I tried the 5 wood, and it felt dead. I never unwrapped the 3 or 7. Actually the driver is still in it’s wrapping. In order to return the 3 metal woods you have to call and request an rma. I was offered a myriad of options to keep the clubs along with a free set of irons. The representative was helpful at this point, and told me to check my email for the return information. I promptly boxed the irons and shipped certified mail the following day. I waited about a month to follow up. I’m still waiting 2.5 months later. The representative I spoke with in the refund dept informed me that I would receive a credit the following week. Honestly I think it operates much like a Ponzi scheme where Patriot Golf is dependent on new customers buying product in order to operate and refund all of us that recognize an inferior golf club.
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